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9 Best Call-to-Action Words and Phrases


Create an Effective Call to Action

A good piece of content will inspire someone to want to go and do something. The problem is that they don’t really know what it is that they need to do! The call to action in a marketing piece of content will specifically tell that person what it is they need to do, how they should be doing it, and what kind of results that they should expect. A well written CTA can easily triple your conversion rates! Here’s some of the best ways to make sure you have the best call to action possible for your content from now on.

Starting with a CTA Is More Effective Than Ending With One

It goes against popular thought, but statistics prove that when a CTA is placed above the fold, often in the introductory paragraph, people are 36% more likely to follow through with that call to action. Why is that? Because by the time someone has gone through 500 words or more of content, they are mentally tired and don’t care as much as they did when they first began reading the content. When the CTA is placed at the front of the line, there is less fatigue and more motivation.

P.S. There’s no rule that says you can’t have a CTA in the introductory paragraph and the closing paragraph in the same piece of content.

Create a Sense of Urgency Within the Reader

People will follow a call to action because they believe it holds value for them in some way. If they believe that value will diminish if they wait to follow-up on what they’ve just read, they will be more likely to follow that CTA right away. This is often done by telling people that a limited number of spots are available or that a sale will only last for a certain amount of time. This means that if that reader wants to get in on the deal, they’ve got to act now or miss out on it for good.

You Must Be Direct With Your Instructions

Did you know that on Facebook, people are almost twice as likely to share a post from a business page simply because they are told to share it within the content? A good CTA gets straight to the point and tells the reader exactly what they must do in order to get the value that they want to have. “Click on this link now so that you can experience the benefits of this product by the end of the week!” Some marketers see this as being rude and so they add a “please” in there somewhere. Either way, the more direct you are, the better off your conversion rates will be.

Use Buttons Whenever Possible

People are visually orientated people. This means they are more likely to follow through with a call to action if there is a visual representation of that action they need to take. “Click on this button below to find your own product today!” lets people know what action they must take and the visual button will subconsciously prompt that person to want to click it. When this is combined with these other tips, if your product or service has value, you’ll have better CTR rates in a week or two. Try it for yourself today!

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