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20 Dietary Supplement Industry Statistics

Dietary Supplement Industry Statistics

More than one half of American adults reported taking some form of dietary supplement. This number has increased drastically since the mid 90s. The following statistics are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Top Dietary Supplements Consumed

Women are more likely to use one or more dietary supplement than men. The top dietary supplements consumed are listed below.

1. Multivitamins is the number one dietary supplement purchased by approximately 40% of men and women.
2. Calcium is the second highest supplement reported consumed by 28% of Americans and 61% of women 60 and over.
3. Folic Acid is the next highest supplement consumed by 34% of women aged 20-39.
4. Vitamin D has increased its used among most women and men age groups.

Demographic Trends for Supplment Use

A look at the demographic trends of overall supplement use and multivitamin use in the United States.

Supplement Use 1988-1994
Men: 35%
Women: 44%
Total: 42%

Supplement Use 1999-2002
Men: 47%
Women: 56%
Total: 52%

Supplement Use 2003-2006
Men: 47%
Women: 59%
Total: 53%

Multivitamin Use 1988-1994
Men: 27%
Women: 34%
Total: 30%

Multivitamin Use 1999-2002
Men: 35%
Women: 41%
Total: 38%

Multivitamin Use 2003-2006
Men: 36%
Women: 42%
Total: 39%

Supplement Industry Scams

An inside look to the scams that transpire within the dietary supplement industry to keep you well informed when shopping for supplements.

Top 10 Dietary Supplement Categories

The most popular dietary supplement categories are outlined below, not in specific order by size of industry or top consumption.

1. Multivitamins
2. Meal Replacements
3. Sports Nutrititon Supplements
4. Calcium
5. B Vitamins
6. Vitamin C
7. Glucosamin and Chondroitin
8. Homeopathic Medicines
9. Vitamins D
10. Fish/Animal Oil

Supplements vs. Food

The below infographic compares the most consumer supplements with what their food counterparts would look like.

Dietary Supplements vs Food

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