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8 Vital Factors to Landing Page Perfection

A landing page is a webpage that an internet user arrives at after entering a specific URL, ala website address, or gets redirected to through a link that has been posted on another site, forum, blog, directory, search engine, social media or social network. It is different from a home page. The home page of a website may be the landing page when someone enters the website address directly into the browser. A home page may also be the landing page if the content posted on the webpage where the link was embedded has relevance to the content present on the home page. Ideally, every distinct content having a link to redirect a user must have a unique landing page which caters only to that content that the internet user has just read or explored and has then clicked on the link to know more.

The below infographic provides a guide to creating the design and layout of an effective landing page to increase submission rates and the effectiveness of call to action buttons.

Guide to Landing Pages

The above distinct clarification was warranted since without demarcating the basic difference of a home page and a landing page, the elements of an effective landing page wouldn’t make much sense and there might be conflicting interpretations.

A landing page is not the first page, synopsis or a short excerpt of an entire book. A landing page can thus never be a precursor to something great to come. The very first glimpse of a landing page must hook an internet user by providing the most compelling piece of the content, which in most cases is the best offer or the absolutely exclusive unique selling point of the product or service.

When users get redirected to a website or go to a website directly, the user would only spend a few seconds to check out the information highlighted on the page and then would decide on whether or not the site is useful. It is within this span of few seconds that the landing page must be able to convince a user to stay on and to explore the rest of the information provided. This is only one element of an effective landing page.

From designs to layouts, fonts to styles, the type of content to the entire marketing strategy of the company, there are many aspects of an effective landing page. The tone must be right, the messaging must be lucid, the ideas must be well thought out and executed and the entire experience of a few seconds through to the entire course of time a user spends on the landing page must be satiating.

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