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15 Luau Invitation Wording Samples

The luau is formally known as a big feast that consists of a gathering of people in a celebratory way. To garner a real Hawaiian experience, food, music, and hula dancing must be present. Traditionally a kalua pig is served along with seaweed, crab, and octopus. Local Hawaiians have Luau’s for birthdays, weddings, and graduations. A selection of luau invitation wording samples are listed below to help inspire your own unique event.

Many people wish to celebrate their special occasion by having a Luau, tropical and Hawaiian event.

Come join us at the beach for the day say “aloha” and wear a lei!

Come toast to love and laughter, and happily ever after!

Fruity drinks with little umbrellas. Single girls and lots of fella’s So wear your grass skirts And we’ll provided the lei. We’re having a Luau.

Grass skirts, torch lights, pina coladas, other delights it’s going to be a great day, say “Aloha” and wear a lei We’ll have a “hula”-va time.

Iced tea, Lemons, Touch of mint. We need you For our event. Bring your beach clothes To lounge and linger. Stay the weekend. Don’t lift a finger!

If you’re tired of the snow and cold weather escape south of the border for a little get together!

Join us for a Beach Party! Trade in your heavy coat and your other winter clothes for sunshine, palm trees and sand between your toes!

Join us for a Hawaiian Luau as we celebrate in a tropical way [name] and [name] special day! It’s cocktails, dinner and more, the fun begins when you walk in the door!

Join us for a Hawaiian Style BBQ. We’ll drink mai-tais and coladas and feast on tropical food. Once you see the spread you’ll surely get in the mood. Wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt, or a grass skirt if you dare. It’s sure to be a blast and we hope to see you there!

Let’s Mai Tai! Come lounge with us in our tropical paradise as we celebrate summer fruit buffet, grilled treats and funky cocktails.

Palm trees, tiki torches and pina coladas await… we’re having a luau, please don’t be late!

The coladas are frozen the theme is set We’re having a Luau you’ll never forget. Please dress-up Hawaiian as you’ve done in the past for a night that will be A tropical blast!

To Hawaii they’ll go to take their vows, but before they do we’ll show them how to create a hut built for two A couple’s shower is what we’ll do…

You are warmly invited to celebrate the beginning of summer with a poolside luau.

You’re invited to a Luau at the summer’s end put on a flowered shirt come celebrate with friends. There will be pina coladas grass skirts and leis a limbo contest and music a Great Hawaiian Soiree!

In the past, Hawaiian climate had influenced their natives to wear minimal clothing. Loincloths and shawls were popular among men and women. In the 1800’s the hula skirt was evolved and made from ti leaves. Leis were introduced in Hawaii my immigrants and were a symbol of love and respect. Used in special occasions. Hawaii is considered to be the only state in the United States that grows coffee and is the leader worldwide in growth of macadamia nuts. The below infographic outlines more interesting facts and trends about Hawaii.

Hawaii Culture Timeline

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