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8 Types of Mens Dress Shoes to Cover All Occassions


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In a broad general sense, men are less conscious about fashion than women. It is albeit owing to the fact that there is more to fashion when it comes to women and very little when it comes to men but that cannot discount the fact that men need to be fashionable or at least be conscious about the basic norms and styles of fashion.

What Your Dress Shoes Say

Men seldom bother about the details of anything they wear. Men have a tendency to pick up anything that is up for quick grabs, either has a sale or appears to be pleasant to their eyes, has been spoken highly of by some colleague, friend or it is an absolute necessity. Very few men actually take the trouble to understand the finer details and their implications in clothes, shoes, accessories and everything that men use, wear or live with.

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Dress Shoes is a comprehensive take on the kind of shoes men wear and how to distinguish between different shoes. In any normal scenario, a man would look at the shoes, check out the brands or the companies that made them, compare the shapes, sizes and colors along with some level of detailing without acknowledging what those details even mean and finally would decide which one to choose. No attempt is made to understand what kind of shoes go with which kinds of dresses. Men seldom bother to know what the lines or designs in a shoe mean. Most men don’t even get concerned about the differences in styles and patterns of different shoes from different brands.

Understanding the Dress Shoe Anatomy

In this info-graphic guide, you shall discover the various parts of a shoe. A shoe has an anatomy which you need to be aware of if you have to be a wise shopper. Every brand has its own take on the different parts of the anatomy of a shoe. Knowing these distinctions will help you to learn the differences between various brands. You will learn which shoes are ideal for the dresses you have in mind or the occasions you would wear them to. A tux demands certain types of shoes while a normal business suit will demand different varieties. You don’t need to delve into the manufacturing techniques or the variations of leather but being aware of the subtle differences and the changes in patterns and approaches should be enough to become a shoe expert.

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