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Review of the Stroller Strides Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Backed by Fit4Mom, this fitness franchise offers a number of ways for moms to get back to being active once again. Stroller Strides was the first program that was offered by Fit4Mom and it was a stroller fitness program that was designed to give new moms the strength to reclaim their healthy lives with their children. If you purchase a franchise opportunity from this organization, you can actually earn revenues from all of their programs, including a prenatal program. There are also retail commissions, advertising sponsorships, a weight management program, and other community-based specialty programs that can generate revenues for your organization.

Is this the right investment opportunity for you? Let’s take a look.

Why Choose Fit4Mom?

If you’re looking to have a franchising opportunity that lets you put the moms in your community first, then this is the right investment to make. The organization realizes that family comes first, so all of your training opportunities as a franchisee revolve around your schedule so that you can have your family-based lifestyle and still achieve all of your business goals. You have a number of online resources that will be immediately available to you and you’ll also get some in-person training opportunities that will work with your schedule.

With a Stroller Strides franchise, there isn’t any question that’s a bad question. The Fit4Mom teams works to answer any question you might have so that you’ll have the best tools available to you to help your business grow. A weekly newsletter will help you encourage your own local moms to perform the exercises of the week, while you’ll get a lot of helpful tips to manage a social media marketing campaign and share company announcements that will get moms excited about what you’ve got to offer.

You’ll also get to benefit from the strategic partnerships that have been developed by Fit4Mom. With names like Plum Organics, Luna, and BOB, you’ll receive special discounts as a franchisee and lots of samples to encourage additional sales. This is supplemented by a convenient shared file system, forums to help you connect with other franchisees, and a number of mobile business solutions so that you can have multiple income streams coming your way every day. It really is designed to be a one-stop shop for your new business.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started With This Franchise?

There are a wide variety of options available to you for a Stroller Strides franchise, so the actual investment cost is variable based on what it is that you want to do. Fit4Mom franchises begin at just $4950 and in return, you’ll get an exclusive territory for you to operate your business and grow in the way you want to grow. This is the classic franchise model and it’s the best place to start for the mom [or the dad!] who wants to be able to do it all.

That means you’ll be teaching most of your own classes and you’ll be conducting all of the daily business operations for your new franchise. If you’re interested in something a little bigger than that, then you might be interested in the business development franchise that is available as well. These also have variable costs based on what your needs are and where your selected territory happens to be. You’ll want to contact Fit4Mom directly to begin that conversation.

The maximum franchise fee that is in this model, however, is still just $25k. There is an ongoing royalty that is required, but that is variable based on the design of your franchise and the different products that you offer. The term of the franchise agreement is rather short, however, at just 3 years, but it is fully renewable.

There is third party financing available for the franchise fee if that is needed. There are no net worth minimums or liquid cash capital required to become a franchisee. The maximum investment is estimated to be about $50k in the most extensive business development franchise for this organization. In return, you’ll be given a presence on a national franchise map through their website and it can be run directly from the home so you can spend time with your kids while you’re working with a fitness class that you enjoy.

How Good Is This Investment Opportunity?

This franchise opportunity isn’t generally going to be for the large scale investor. This is for the mom who wishes to have a home-based business that can provide a strong, steady source of income so that at least one parent can stay at home with the kids. It’s a little more upscale than the traditional MLM opportunities that you’ll see like with Avon or Mary Kay and focuses on a place where many new moms are conscientious: their fitness.

As a parent, you’ll have an instant connection and with Stroller Strides, provide parents with a needed social outlet that they may not have with a new baby in the house. It’s also a chance for kids to get out and play together, which means a Fit4Mom franchise is going to help bring people close together in a natural way that will help to bring in revenues on a consistent basis.

Although the $4950 initial investment may be a little high for some families to handle right now, the returns can be realized almost immediately with the exclusive set of products and services that you’ll be teaching. It keeps risks low, you won’t have to constantly buy new catalogs and samples to distribute like other home-based opportunities, and you can work and train on your own schedule so that family can be first.

Will this franchise opportunity make you rich? Probably not. Will it give you a comfortable income where you won’t have to worry about finding a reliable daycare provider so you can hold down a traditional job? That’s a better bet. If you’re looking for the right home-based franchise opportunity and you’re a parent, then this could be a very good fit for you.

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