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8 Things Your Customer Support Should Never Say


Providing great customer support keeps your customers coming back over and over again. There are a few things that your customer support team should never say to a client. It is important to make your clients/customers feel important to your business and sometimes pointing out the obvious to them is not the way to do it.

1) The Most Obvious.
Sometimes customers make mistakes but when they call in they do not really want that to be pointed out to them. Saying things like “You did that wrong” is not going to endear your customer service rep to the client/customer. Instead asking the client to slowly repeat the steps that they took with the product can help them to realize that the mistake was theirs.

Instead of saying “you are wrong” the customer service rep can point out the error in the step by saying something like “okay well let’s try it this way”. It is a kinder way of saying that they made the error.

2) Making Promises.
Making a promise to get something right or to help may sound like a nice way to do business but it is not. Instead of saying “I promise” it is far better to say “I am here to help you”. It is a more appropriate way of doing business and promises can easily turn against you. In the same vein do not allow your customer service people to say “so and so will call you back in X amount of time” unless they know for absolute certain that call is going to be made in the allotted time frame.

3) Who Are You Again?
Once a client/customer hands off their information they do not want to have to repeat it again. They want the customer service rep to get to the nuts and the bolts of their problem. Your software should make it easy for your service rep not to have to ask again who the client/customer is and what products they have.

4) Insincere Apologies.
Having a customer service agent apologize when they are not really sincere sounds forced and can be an irritant to clients/customers that are calling in for help. Keep the conversation frank and apologize when necessary but only if it is a sincere apology.

5) Saying Nothing.
Dead air is confusing, so your customer service staff should never just say nothing when they are looking into something, they should explain what they are doing or put the client on hold while they look into what they have to look into to complete the call.

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