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Rural Business Ideas

Who says that you’ve got to have an urban commercial location or a corner store in the suburbs in order to be financially successful today? There are thousands of rural businesses that are thriving right now and the right entrepreneurial idea could make you the next success story. If you’ve got a patch of land and want to know how to make some money off of it, then here are some rural business ideas to help get your started.

1. Organic Farming

Nothing is hotter right now than organic farming. People have become extremely concerned about what foods they are choosing to eat. GMO crops are wildly unpopular. Starting a local organic farm will give you a natural base of consumers that will want to consume your products. It doesn’t just have to be plant-based crops that you grow on your organic farm either. Livestock that is certified organic is also in great demand.

2. Paintball

If you have at least 5 acres of space, then you’ve go the chance to open up a paintball business. Check with local zoning codes before purchasing some of the inventory for the business. Inflatable obstacles are highly popular, but natural barriers will give your rural business a lift as well. Have a plan to clean up the mess so that you don’t make a huge impact on the local environment. If there are homes nearby, you may need to install fencing that is tall enough to block a rogue paintball or two.

3. Race Track

You don’t need to have a lot of acreage on-hand to open up a race track. Large areas of land are perfect for a paved track and go-karts, but a dirt track for motorcycles, ATVs, or even bicycles can also be a great business venture. The one down side of this type of business is that the insurance rates can be pretty high. A race track is a dangerous place to be and you’ll need coverage in case there’s an accidental injury or fatality on your course.

4. Batting Cages

If your community doesn’t have many practice facilities for sports, then installing your own batting cages and playing fields can be a profitable opportunity. Depending on your space, you could have a soccer field, gridiron drills, volleyball nets, and other sports that are attractive in your community. Pickleball is especially popular in some areas and in need of a space to play. Contract with the local school district for use, have concessions on site, and people will come out to have a good time.

5. Miniature Golf

A miniature golf course might not always be the most profitable business venture, but it is definitely one of the most fun businesses to run. Set up a challenging course that has unique obstacles to attract customers to your location. Offer unique contests or events throughout the year to encourage higher attendance. An annual tournament could become a local tradition. The problem of most miniature golf courses is that the facilities aren’t very well maintained, so be proactive with repairs and the experience will be a good one. Don’t forget to offer snacks, drinks, and other goodies.

6. Recording Studio

Many rural business ideas focus on how to use the land. Being out in the middle of nowhere is also a great chance to start an indoor business like a recording studio. The costs of installing the equipment and soundproofing are similar to land conversion costs. You can rent out studio time to local bands at an hourly rate, help people with audio mastering, or even start your own record label if you are really ambitious.

7. Farmer’s Market

Maybe retail is more your style. Farming isn’t up your alley and you really don’t want to get involved with land management issues. The perfect rural business for you might just be a farmer’s market. Instead of having a weekend event where people sell stuff out of the back of their trucks or in their tents, consider opening up a seasonal daily farmer’s market for your community. You’ll make money by selling spots on your land for the store and you’ll create a natural destination for healthy eating. Watch out for the permits you may need to make this happen.

These rural business ideas can help you make more money from the land that you have. Consider them today, implement the one that makes the most sense, and your community will embrace the entrepreneurial spirit you’ve put on display.

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