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30 Best Thank You Messages for After an Interview

Here are 30 of the best “thank you” messages to send after an interview to make you sound professional and confident.

1. The job we discussed is well suited to my background and skills. Specifically, I think my time with [name] gave me some exceptional experience in tackling the challenges you are facing. If you put your faith in me, I am confident I could hit the ground running and quickly start making a positive contribution to your company.

2. Your company is at an exciting crossroads. From our discussions, I understand you need someone to help you get an edge on your competition. That person needs to be willing to take risks and offer creative ideas about opportunities. I hope I was able to convince you of my experience and capabilities in exactly these areas.

3. During the interview, you mentioned that you are looking for someone with skills in [insert]. We discussed several of my previous roles where I have successfully used those skills. I think my experience here is unique and I am excited by the potential opportunity to bring those skills to your team.

4. Along with my deep practical experience in this sort of role, I am proud of my team-work skills, solutions-focus, and my ability to communicate with a variety of audiences. Following our discussion, I think this combination of skills and expertise could add real value to your business.

5. I offer a unique mix of experience, expertise, and personal initiative. If you give me the opportunity, I can guarantee I would bring all my energy and skills to help you meet your goals.

6. While every workplace is unique, my experience at [insert company] gave me first-hand exposure to working in a similar environment with similar challenges. I enjoyed discussing with you how I could use that experience to help you achieve your goals.

7. I believe I have the experience you are looking for. But more than that, I would bring to your team boundless enthusiasm, and a deep sense of pride in only ever delivering the best work I possibly can.

8. During our discussion, I enjoyed hearing about your vision for your company, including where you want to be in five years’ time. I thought your ideas were both creative and inspiring. It would be incredibly rewarding to work somewhere where your vision, values, and aspirations align.

9. You mentioned that you are looking for someone to fill the role on a long-term basis because the constant turnover of staff creates difficulties for your clients and for retaining corporate knowledge. Please be assured that my interest is in finding a stable long-term role where I can continue to grow and play a part in building the future of your company.

10. I would welcome the opportunity to be able to contribute to your business in the role we discussed, and I hope I was able to convince you that I have the skills, expertise, and determination to do so.

11. Your interview questions gave me a valuable insight into the qualities you are looking for in your ideal candidate and the challenges you are facing. From your perspective, I hope my answers assured you that I have the aptitude, ambition, skills, and experience you need.

12. I can assure you that if you were to offer me for the position, you would be hiring someone who is not only extremely proficient at the skills required for the role but who loves working with people and is committed to delivering quality work always.

13. Being a start-up is an incredibly exciting but stressful time for any business. You need the whole team to pull together to tackle the myriad challenges you already face as well as new ones that will invariably arise. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to be flexible and adapt to rapidly changing situations. I thrive in the sort of environment you described.

14. You mentioned during our discussion that the person previously in this role had been in the job for many years and that it would be difficult to fill [his/her] shoes. I am confident that I have the awareness, sensitivity, and skill to build on and improve the systems and processes that have been put in place, while also forging a good working relationship with the rest of the team.

15. During our discussion, it was clear that you have some major skill shortages in a few areas and need people who can work well in a team. I hope I was able to convey the value I could bring with my get-up-and-go attitude, flexibility, and willingness to pitch in and help wherever required.

16. I was particularly pleased to hear that the role requires extensive contact with your customers, and if selected, I would be one of the first faces that people see when they encounter your business. During my time in [organization], this was exactly the sort of role I enjoyed. During my time there, my supervisors received a lot of positive feedback about my pleasant demeanor, patience, willingness to listen, and ability to find solutions to their problems.

17. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to work well with people in different roles and levels. This would be of great value in the position, as I understand from our discussion that it involves building connections with diverse groups across the organization.

18. You mentioned yesterday that you were particularly looking for someone with formal certifications in [HR/project management, etc]. We discussed my credentials then, but I have attached for your information a copy of my formal certification.

19. I mentioned during our discussion that one of the things I can bring to this role is my ability to design, manage, and deliver on a plan. This includes pulling together all the necessary assets and resources, monitoring progress, and raising issues and risks at an early stage. I think my ability in this area would be of great value given the complexity of the project work you are about to undertake.

20. One of my core values is as a problem-solver. I have a unique and proven ability to break problems down into manageable chunks, identify a range of options and creative solutions, and bring together all the components necessary to deliver a result.

21. I would genuinely welcome the opportunity to bring to your organization my more than [x] years’ experience in [field] and exceptional skills in [insert]. I would also welcome the opportunity to continue to grow my skills so that I can constantly serve you better.

22. I believe I am a great match for the requirements of your position and, if selected, my commitment to you would be to bring my skills, determination, and 110% effort to ensuring your success.

23. The vision and values of your organization are inspiring, and I could tell from the people in the room during our discussion that they love coming to work each day. I hope I was able to convince you why I would be a great fit for your team.

24. During our discussions, I mentioned my most successful project to date, [name of project]. While I am extremely proud of what I achieved, what I loved most was the opportunity to work with an incredible group of people to deliver it as a team. I was excited to learn that this is the way you undertake all your important projects and would love to be part of that.

25. I am the sort of person that stays late, comes in early, and shows up for every meeting. I genuinely believe that it takes that level of drive and commitment to succeed in this type of business.

26. I understand from our discussions that you are undergoing a significant period of change and upheaval. In addition to having worked successfully in several organizations undergoing similar transformations, I thought you might like to note that I have achieved [x] credentials in change planning and management.

27. Very few people can say they enjoy interviews. But I genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and your team. I appreciated your efforts to clearly explain your requirements, make me feel comfortable, and engage in a professional conversation about what I could bring to the role.

28. I hope my nerves during our discussion yesterday did not get in the way of me setting out all the reasons why I would be an excellent candidate for the role you are filling. The only time I experience nerves like that is during interviews. When I am at work, I am the confident and articulate person you will read about in my references.

29. I am highly experienced in [role], loyal, self-motivated, and would be thrilled if I were offered the opportunity to help you achieve your goals and agenda.

30. While I touched on it briefly during our discussion, I thought that it might be useful to highlight my success in delivering [insert] at [organization]. I believe that sort of success could be easily replicated in your company and would love the opportunity to help you achieve those results.

The below infographic provides a guide to those interviewing for new roles and positions. Performing your research and exuding professionalism throughout the interview process will help to put you on the path to success. The most important topics to avoid and the next steps to follow after the interview are listed below.

Guide to a Successful Interview

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