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9 Shocking Statistics About Bad Bosses


There are good bosses and bad bosses. Unfortunately, there are more bad bosses than good ones. Companies as well as employees often don’t realize the implications of having bad bosses. Senior management executives or the board members of a large company don’t take into consideration the relationship their mid level managers or the heads of various departments share with their subordinates. Employees too try to forget about their bad bosses without actually knowing right then that the impact is far more profound and consequential than simply being upset after an altercation.

Bad bosses can ruin the prospects of a company. They can actually cause considerable attrition, especially losing talented employees. Bad bosses don’t help operational productivity. To the contrary, bad bosses contribute to poor productivity because they don’t allow an environment for employees to perform at their optimal best. Bad bosses might consider that they are doing the job and that to do the job they have to be who they have become but in reality none of that works. Most companies with bad bosses at various levels in the organizational hierarchy pay the price in some way or the other.

The 9 Unsettling Facts About Bad Bosses is a reality check for all. It is a reality check for companies that have to rework their policies and certainly monitor their supervisors, managers and heads of departments. It is a reality check for the bad bosses themselves so they know what kind of harm they are causing with their approach. Employees or those who endure bad bosses also need to realize that the altercation or disappointment is not a onetime affair but it would linger on and eventually be consequential.

As an example to illustrate the impact of bad bosses, three out of four employees consider their bad boss to be the most stressful part of their job. Imagine that, the work doesn’t stress them out the most; it is not the lack of flexible timings or anything that would otherwise be considered stressful. It is the bad boss that three out of four employees are stressed with.

Almost half of the working populace (only employees) in the country wants to change their job only because they have a bad boss. And this is from information technology to government employees, from the minimum wage earners to high net worth professionals.

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