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8 Keys to Achieving Your Goals


Only a few people reach or realize their full potential. Around the world, there may be thousands of millionaires or hundreds of Nobel laureates but they form a tiny fraction of the global populace. Why is it that most people don’t reach their peak performance? Sadly, most people don’t even know what they are actually capable of.

The reason why reaching your peak performance is so difficult is because there isn’t a goal setting strategy. Most people have one or at best a couple of goals, many of which are either very conventional or very vague. Take for instance a goal of buying a luxury sedan in five years or owning a larger house in ten years. These goals are long term objectives. They do not inspire people every day. Most people drag their selves from one day to another, one week to another until they get to a weekend and try to forget all about their humdrums over the week. Goal setting should not be absolutely long term or very short term. There has to be a combination and more importantly, there cannot be just one type of goals or vague objectives.

Reaching Your Peak Performance is an info-graphic that would shed some intuitive light on goal setting and how it is missing from most people’s daily routines. A staggering majority of people do the same thing every day, every night and repeat the same cycle until they grow old, get fired from their job or when they have a Sunday. Where is a goal in this entire cycle of life?

To get better, one needs to have a goal and that will energize a person to steer ahead in life. Also, a goal helps a person to be satiated with oneself and with one’s life. Without these goals or objectives, life can be an aimless journey which will then lose its meaning, essence and significance.

But setting random goals is not going to be helpful. If you wish to lose weight then you need to determine what waist size, body mass index or weight you wish to achieve. Only then you shall be able to measure your progress. Measuring is necessary in goal setting. Without it, you will never know if you are on the right path, if you are deviating and if you are eventually succeeding or failing.

Explore the info-graphic, set goals and create your own future. There is no better motivator than having a goal. Challenging yet realistic goals inspire and motivate more than money and accomplishments which are perceived as such by others. Most people, including professionals, seek approval while the primary objective should be to be satiated with oneself. Certificates of accomplishments or formal recognition’s are important but what is even more significant is to know that you are progressing in life and the best way to determine that is to have benchmarks, which are nothing but goals. Endorse the tips and adhere to them for whatever you wish to do, professionally or personally.

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