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8 Image Features that Increase Pins on Pinterest


Recently Curulate conducted a study to determine what types of images entice your eyes on Pinterest. There were more than 30 images that were examined to find out what types of textures, shades and brightness are most appealing. This study was conducted by evaluating the number of repins, likes and the comments of various images. Aren’t you excited to find out what your eyes love most?

Color Matters

You might think that any splash of color is appealing to the eyes, but it turns out red and orange colors win out. Images in a blue tone were not repined or liked nearly as much as images with an orange or reddish hue. In fact, red and orange images were almost two times as likely to acquire a repin.

How Many Colors Do You Need?

When it comes to color on Pinterest, you can never have too much. Images with more than one main color were more than 3 times as likely to get repinned. This means that images with only one dominant color are simply not as enticing to the eyes.

Does Light Matter

Light is something that can change the way we view any image or photo. This is no different when it comes to Pinterest popularity. Photos that have more lightness are so much more likely to be repinned, liked and commented on. Dark images are harder to see and our eyes simply are drawn to images with more light. Choosing an image with at least medium lightness will give it 20 times the chance of being repinned over a dark image.

How Much Verticality?

Vertical images are popular on Pinterest, but they can only be so tall. Images that have a ratio of 2.3 and 4.5 are much more likely to be repinned over very tall images. Users of Pinterest are not that fond of height apparently.

Save The Background

It was also found during the study facilitated by Curulate that users of Pinterest do not like background clutter. Your eyes are much more attracted to images that have only one main focal point and less background distraction. Photos with less background were repinned about 4 times more than images with a 90 % background.

Knowing what attracts the eyes can help you to choose images for Pinterest that get seen by many. The eyes know what they want and they make it known.

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