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Best Cheap Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising often has to be done on a dime. When you need to raise money for a cause or event, you can do so without having to pay much money to get the fundraiser started. The following cheap fundraising ideas will allow you to raise money at any time of the year with as little overhead as possible.

Mad Dash

If you are a fast runner, you may be able to sell your running skills in a good old bet. The idea is that you will find a location where you can ask for donations, but there is a catch, you must out run the person giving the donation.

Obviously some people will not want to be involved, but others will be up to the challenge. Simply mark your running path and have another person willing to blow the starting whistle. This will allow you to quickly raise money and your little race will bring in a lot of onlookers that want to challenge you next.

You must make sure that everyone knows this is a one-sided bet where they will not win any actual money. Instead, they will have the option of keeping their donation money if they win.

Be a Helpful Grocer

Grocery centers are filled with thousands of people over the course of a weekend. These people will buy a variety of different foods, but there is always one constant seen – bagging. Older people often need help bagging their items and bringing them to their vehicle. You can offer to do this and promote your fundraising cause in the process.

There will be some people that do not provide a donation or tip, but the majority of patrons will gladly compensate you for your bagging prowess.

The key is to be polite and helpful. Not only are you raising money for your own cause, but you are helping make someone’s life a little easier in the process.

Battle of the Bands

If you are in school, you can have a battle of the bands contest that will bring in hundreds of potential guests that all want to help you with your cause. This is an event that will be charged an admission fee and all of the local bands will come and play.

You can choose to include bands from your peers or even adult bands that are local. The more bands that are included, the easier it will be to promote your event.

Thankfully, you can have the venue for your contest donated to the cause. Local firehouses, venues or even schools will offer their building for you to use. All you have to do is simply ask and people are more than willing to get together and help you with your cause.

Bingo Night

Local churches often hold bingo where a person will be able to win money on a weekly basis. This is played by older people, but it is a great option for anyone that wants to raise money. Simply visit your local bingo venue and ask them if they would be willing to allow you to take over bingo night just once.

The proceeds will go to your cause and players will add their own money into the donation bins. Furthermore, a nice winner may also gift their winnings to you to add to your pot.

Sell Candy

You can purchase dozens of lollipops at bulk stores and resell them for an immense profit. Oftentimes, you can purchase these lollipops by the dozens where the total cost per item is 25 cents or less. This is the great part about candy sales.

If you sell these items for just $1, you will be able to make a 300 percent return on your candy sales. This means you can make $150 worth of donations for the mere cost of $50 worth of candy. This is not a bad return for something that everyone will be interested in buying.

Recipe Books

If you belong to a church or go to school, you will be able to create a massive recipe book that can be sold to others. If there is one thing that entices people, it is food. The goal is to ask all of the people you know or all of the parents, teachers and others in your congregation or school for recipes of their specialty dishes.

Now, you can sell these same recipes back to all of the people that were kind enough to provide you with their family’s secret recipe. Simply combine all of the recipes and create a master book that can be easily copied. Now, take signups and deposits for anyone that wants their very own recipe book.

Once all of the names have been collected and the deposits are given, you can have your recipe books printed and receive the rest of the money as a pure donation.

Fundraising with Social Media

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