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8 Captivating Elizabeth D. Gray Quotes

Elizabeth D. Gray is the author of many books focused on the power of positive affirmations and conscious expression. Searching for ways to constantly discover new talents and abilities, Gray’s book is sincere in thought and inspirational. Here is a look at some of the best Elizabeth D. Gray quotes.

“Everyone has the power to change the world in their own way. I found that power in my writing. And if I can help someone else discover how their own unique talents, abilities and desires can change the world, I’ve accomplished my goal. Changing the world need not be some lofty goal. Changing the world can be as simple as saving yourself, loving yourself, discovering what gifts you have to share. My work reflects a sincere desire to lift and inspire while acknowledging the beauty inherent in all of us.”

“Girls are born into an age where they are measured from the moment of birth (quite literally) and for each and every day of their lives. It’s impossible to grow up without the nagging perception that they don’t quite fit the mold, that their physical bodies must be sculpted, resized or even surgically altered to be acceptable.”

“I wanted our new generation of girls to begin to forge their own definitions of success, through practical study and contemplation. I wanted every girl to be able to see the truth of her own successes and to not be confined by outer definitions of what it means to be successful.”

“If she could move unfettered into a world of her own design, where she could leave outdated notions of beauty behind her to focus on the talents she was born to share with the world, how much better a world would this be?”

“If there was one message I could give to each and every girl alive today, it would be that she is not a measurement.”

“If we could once and for all free our daughters of the notion that any outside source is capable of measuring them up and deciding their worth based literally on their physical proportions, we would see the most successful generation of girls grow to their fullest and happiest potential.”

“Maybe I’m crazy, but I think each of us has the potential to leave our mark on the world, to change it for the better in whatever way we’re best able to do so. One of my sincerest goals is to uplift and empower girls. It certainly seems like uphill battle in today’s society.”

“With the focus directed on living up to an impossible ideal, how much time is left to delve into those issues that truly matter? How much time is robbed from a girl, as she focuses on the abiding notion that she is not quite good enough? What precious hours could be instead devoted to the exploration of her sincerest hopes and dreams?”

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