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8 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair


Gentlemen, Pinpoint Your Next Hair Style

To achieve a perfect hair style, there are various things to take into consideration. You need to know the shape of your face.

Different Shapes of a Males Face
• Oval
• Round
• Heart
• Square
• Oblong
• Triangular
• Inv. Triangular
• Diamond

Influential Factors

Here are 6 different factors that influences your hair looks.

You need to know how often you truly need a haircut.

Ask yourself how much time you need to spend on your business.

Define how much you are willing to spend on your hair style.

Will you consider investing in a hair kit to maintain your hair style.

Personal Style:
What is the definition of your style, what kind of clothing appeals to you?

Is your hair style compatible with the nature of your job?

You need to find out the following information from your hair stylist by asking the following 6 questions.
1. Ask to know what works with your hair style.
2. Find out what will flatten your face.
3. If you are considering coloring your skin, ask to know if the color matches your skin.
4. How frequently should you wash your hair.
5. What products should I use on my hair.
6. Find out if there is any other way you can style your hair that could come in handy for days you are not in the mood.

What is Your Ideal Hair Style?

These points needs to be taken into consideration for an ideal looks.

1. Begin with the sides of your hair. Are you more comfortable seeing the scalp of your hair? Do you like it neat or rough around your ears?

2. As for the back, do you prefer a difference in height as compared to other areas of your head? Would you prefer a neatly kept cut to the neck or otherwise?

3. Do you prefer the top to be flat, spiky or unkempt?

4. How do you want the front, longer or shorter as compared to the sides? Do you want your hair to be swept to the sides of your face, on your face or off your face?

Recommended Products

Here are the recommended products with respect to an ideal hair style, take note of them.

• Dove men & care shampoo.
• Dove Elixir dryness care hair oil.
• Tresemme smooth and shine conditioner.
• Philips HP8299 hair dryer.
• Set wet style + Freestyler matt wax.
• Set wet style, after hours glaze wax hair style.

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