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30 Lodging Industry Statistics and Trends

Lodging Industry Statistics

The lodging industry brings in an annual revenue in excess of $21 billion of pretaxed income. This is a part of the total industry revenue of hospitality that sees over $137 billion each year. These industries have been seeing yearly growth of 20% or more.

The Tourism Industry

The tourism industry consistently ranks within one of the top ten largest industries. With an average $2.2 billion spent per day by resident and international travelers within the United States, the tourism sector alone can generate over $813 billion in sales.

Lodging Sector

The travel and tourism industry pays almost $200 billion in wages and salaries, employing almost 2 million hotel workers. The typical lodging customer travels for leisure 60% of the time and business 40% of the time. The following demographics make up majority of lodging customers.

1. Typical business room stay is for a male 67% of the time.
2. Average age of a business male lodger – 34-54 years old.
3. Half of the time, business lodgers hold a managerial position.
4. The average yearly household income of a lodger is $116,388.
5. The average guest travels along 68% of the time.
6. Average price of a room is $109.
7. 91% of travelers make reservations ahead of time.

When staying in a hotel, travelers spend the following duration of time.
8. One Night – 47%
9. Two Nights – 27%
10. 3 or more Nights – 26%

International Travel

The impact that international travel has on lodging is substantial. International visitors to the United States accounted for 21% of industry revenue that year. The following list of countries are considered the top ten for United States arrivals in 2011.

1. Canada – 21.3 million
2. Mexico – 13.5 million
3. United Kingdom – 3.8 million
4. Japan – 3.2 million
5. Germany – 1.8 million
6. Brazil – 1.5 million
7. France – 1.5 million
8. South Korea – 1.1 million
9. Peoples Republic of China – 1.1 million
10. Australia – 1 million

These countries account for over 80% of United States total travelers that year.

Hotel & Lodging Trends

The following video is hosted by a set of experts that discuss the current rates and trends of the Lodging industry and how it compares to pre-recession performance.

Top 10 Jobs in Hospitality Industry for Lodging

A listing of the top 10 jobs in the industry and average salary in the United States.

1. Hotel General Manager – $149,456
2. Hotel Clerk – $19.710
3. Bellhop – $15,995
4. Meeting and Convention Planner – $60,245
5. Concierge – $16,262
6. Maitre d’ – $28,000 to $45,000
7. Executive Chef – $46,206
8. Reservation Ticket Agent – $27,750
9. Maids and Housekeeping Cleaner – $20,124
10. Gaming Dealer – $14,340

What Lodgers Are Looking For

The following infographic takes a look at what amenities travelers and guests are looking for in a hotel. Wi-Fi and fitness centers top the list for guests.

Hotel Amenities in Demand

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