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8 Awesome Valentine’s Day Restaurant Reservation Trends

8 Awesome Valentine's Day Restaurant Reservation Trends

Valentine’s Day Dining and Restaurant Reservation Trends

A survey was conducted on Valentine’s Day in various areas and the results from different aspects of this celebrated day were analyzed. It was observed that 35% of diners find Italian cuisine to be the most romantic, this was closely followed by 25% of dinner reservation who prefer French cuisine.

Planning and Spending

The results revealed about 53% of clients who make reservations for open table dinners on Valentine’s Day do so more than one week in advance, over 60% of the dinner reservations are on a budget of about $100. About 50% of dinners are planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. However, for every four persons, one admits to sitting at home on a valentine’s day if they had no date.

About 93% of Valentine’s Day dinners were intended to outdo last year’s spending or at worst match it, while dinner plans made by 26% of celebrants were made on the weekend preceding Valentine’s Day. Others said that they would happily dine with friends on this couple’s dating night and this was formed about 76% of the sampled populations.

For every 4 sampled, 3 admit to having a special drink that places them in the mood. It is either wine or champagne, while at a distant third position, chocolate comes in at 13%.

Celebrity Dream Date

Angelina Jolie was selected by 29% of dinners as their dream Valentine’s Day dates, closely followed by Zooey Deschanel who was selected by about 23% of male dinners as a Valentine’s Day dream date while 24% of females selected Ryan Gosling as Valentine’s Day Dream date.

Gift Giving

With respect to the giving of gifts, 86% of diners typically do not exchange gifts at dinner tables, while about 20% of males feel that exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts at dinner tables is detestable as compared to 13% of females who feel it is inappropriate to exchanging Valentine’s Day gift at the dinner table.

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