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17 Keys to Running a Successful Small Business Today

17 Keys to Running a Successful Small Business Today

The Current Trends in Business Operation and Management

The way business were operated and managed a few years ago is not the same today. This is because many things have changed especially with the advancement in technology and materials used on the same. Although business management and operation may have changed a bit it is still a tough call that one has to make for the same to succeed. Many people say that, operating a business now is tougher than it was before, because there are more rivals and customers are rigid as ever. It however depends with the business you are operating, because some businesses like cyber cafes and technology based businesses are much easier to operate today.

Changing Times

There are many reasons why business operation has evolved over the past 5 years. The number one factor in this is technology. This is because many technology advancements have been put in place and many businesses are reaping huge from the same. In the past 5 years, very few businesses used the online media to advertise their work or merchandise. Today, more than 85% of all businesses both locally and internationally use the online media to market their services and products. This has been made possible thanks to the heavy use of smartphones today. More and more business owners use smartphone apps to manage and monitor everything within the business. In addition to this, almost everything is automated today, with most of the services being operated from the smartphones. Through this business automation, it is much easier to manage and even order for services thus increased customer satisfaction.


Marketing businesses in the recent past was a little dormant as compared to today. Although almost all marketing strategies are the same as 5 years ago, marketers are more intensive today, because everyone needs to capture the audience’s attention. The most commonly used advertising means include email marketing and social media marketing. Social media marketing has taken root in business promotion today, because many people today use the same to reach out to their friends and family. This has thus made it a better avenue to reach out to target audience and woo them into purchasing products online. In the past 5 years, word of mouth was the real idea behind marketing and promotion. Today, the social media has amplified word of mouth through visual advertisement. Visual advertisement is the most rewarding form of business marketing today, because it tends to stick to the mind much faster.


Customers today have also evolved as the businesses evolve too. This is because quality is highly valued and the person who provides value for good and services rendered gets the highest appreciation through sales and profits. It is due to this reason why every business owner has to ensure that all products are of quality and that customers are satisfied with the same. As for the customers, saving money has become a hard task because of the high expectations and need for value. New products are being produced every day, and each product comes with its benefits to the user.

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