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75 Catchy Save Tigers Slogans for Posters

Many animals face ongoing threats from hunting and poachers that wish to kill for the use of their skins and other body parts. To promote awareness with the threats to wild tigers, these catchy save tiger slogans for posters will help to encourage the preservation of these beautiful wildlife.

Act before it vanishes forever.
Be happy and save the tigers.
Buy fake fur, save a tiger.
Can we keep them wild and free?
Cause an up ROAR to save Tigers!
Come on, let’s save tigers.
Don’t be wild to tigers, help save them.
Don’t Cheat On the Cheetahs!
Don’t kill the beauty of jungle.
Don’t kill tigers for your greed, it’s a need of our planet.
Don’t let me disappear.
Don’t strip the stripes from the scenery: Save the Tiger.
Fight For The Right Of The Tigers.
Fight for the tiger’s right.
For the tigers we must unite, so they don’t fade out of sight.
Help save the king.
I love tigers, Do you?
I want you to save tigers.
I want you to save tigers.
If we save Tigers, the tigers will save tigress.
Join hands to save tigers.
Join hands together to save tigers.
Keep calm & don’t kill tigers.
Keep calm & help tigers.
Keep calm and fight for the tigers.
Keep calm and save the tigers.
Keep calm and stop killing tigers.
Keep smiling & save animals.
Keep your “Eye On the Tigers”
Kill one tiger = Kill all tigers.
Killing tigers is the GREED not the NEED : SAVE TIGERS.
Let us keep the tigers in jungles & not in history, save tigers.
Let’s save tigers.
Live long & save tigers.
Look at the tigers mighty and strong, killing them for their fur is very wrong.
Mighty tigers hear them roar, for they may be no more.
Nature is not against Tigers, why are you?
No kingdom without the King – Save Tigers.
Once the tiger is history, it won’t repeat itself…
Paws, Think. Save a Tiger!
Please help save tigers.
Protect and respect.
Raise your voice to save tigers.
Save our nation by saving national animal.
Save our striped friends.
Save our Tigers, Save our Pride.
Save the national Animal and Serve the nation.
Save the Tigers before they are silenced forever.
Save the tigers, let us raise awareness together.
Save the Tigers, Save a Life.
Save the tigers, save the world.
Save tiger – Save life – Save planet.
Save tiger otherwise you will lose the pride.
Save tiger Save life Save planet.
Save tiger save life, otherwise you will lose the pride.
Save tigers facing extinction.
Save Tigers NOW.
Save Tigers, Let them live.
Save Tigers, so your children can see them.
Shoot me, but with a camera.
Shot the tiger with the camera not with the gun.
Stay strong & save the tigers.
Stop hunting before they perish, preserve tigers.
Stop tiger trade, save them.
Stop wildlife crime, it’s dead serious.
The tigers are dying, help them.
There’s a Tiger out there who thinks you’re are terrific!
Tiger: SOS (Save Our Stripes).
Tigers are going to be a part of history, save them.
Tigers are in need.
Tigers are one of a kind, so please keep them in mind.
Tigers feel pain too.
Tigers: Save our striped friends.
Together we can save tigers.
Use only cameras to shoot the tiger.

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