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75 Catchy Baptist Church Slogans

Having the right message for your church is just one way to let your congregation know your message and mission. These catchy Baptist Church slogans serve as the perfect source of inspiration to ensuring you have the right message.

A Caring Church For Changing Times.
A Church For The Unchurched.
A Church With A Purpose.
A Community Of Christian Believers.
A Family For Everyone.
A Reconciling Congregation.
A Vision For The World, A Home For Your Family.
A Vision To Change The World.
All Roads Lead To Hilldale
An Oasis Of Faith At a Busy Crossroad.
Bringing Generations Together In Christ.
Bringing People Closer To Christ.
Built To Serve, Serving To Build.
Changing Lives Through Christ.
Christ, Culture & Community.
Come Alive Through Christ… Reach Out and Serve!
Come As a Guest… Leave As a Friend.
Come Celebrate, Together!
Come Grow In Grace.
Connecting People To God.
Discover The Passion.
Embracing Jesus, and Reaching Others.
Enter To Worship, Depart To Serve
Equipping People For Life.
Experience The Difference.
Experience The Family.
Get Connected.
God Is Still Speaking.
Growing By Faith – The Next Stop
Growing Friendships, Families, and Faith.
Growing Together In Christ.
Guiding Your Life In a Misguided World.
Harvesting Hearts For Jesus Christ
Harvesting, Nurturing, Reclaiming.
He Is The Blessed Redeemer.
Helping You Find Your Way Home.
Joyful and Alive In Christ.
Leading The Lost To The Cross.
Living In God’s Amazing Grace
Making Christ Known.
One Family With Christ.
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.
Radiating God’s Light.
Reach a City, Change a Nation, Touch The World.
Reach Your Potential!
Reaching Out, Reflecting Christ, Renewing Lives.
Reaching The World For Christ, One Person At a Time.
Reaching Up, Out and Around.
Real Church… Real People.
Real Life, Real Faith, Real Hope.
Saved By Grace.
Shining The Light Of Hope.
Telling The Good News About Jesus.
The Church Where Christ Is Alive!
The Family Of Faith.
The Light That Gives Life.
The Small Church With a Big Dream.
To Introduce Christ Into Society and Culture.
To Know and Share God’s Love.
To Know Christ and To Make Him Known.
To Know Jesus and Touch The World.
To Worship God and Equip The Saints For Ministry.
Touch and Make Lives Whole In Christ.
Transforming Lives and Sending Disciples.
Transforming Our City… One Life At a Time.
Walking In Faith, Discovering Community.
We Are Christ’s Church. We Exist For Others!
We Are What You Have Been Waiting For.
We’Re Boldly Going Where No Faith Has Gone Before.
We’Re Building The Family Of Faith.
We’Re Here For You.
Welcome, Friends In Christ.
Where Life Meets Faith.
Worship, Education, Evangelism and Discipleship
Worshipping Our Risen Savior!

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