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125 Good Hospital Slogans and Taglines

The hospital industry has been suffering small, yet progressing changes due to the implementation of Obamacare. Some up and coming trends are healthcare consolidation for independent healthcare centers that see a cut in unforeseen payouts. High deductible health plans are also expected to transpire along with a growth of independent practices. Surgery based services are still considered a good business to doctors. The following hospital slogans are cataloged from a variety of healthcare centers from around the nation. These existing centers focus on the care and value of their patients health.

A century ago, we made a commitment. We’ve kept it.
A family of hospitals for your family.
A heritage in care. A reputation in excellence.
A higher level of care.
A leading light in healthcare.
A Passion for Healing.
A passion for putting patients first.
A state of mind.
A Transforming, Healing Presence.
A Union of Compassion + Healthcare.
Advanced Healthcare Made Personal.
Advanced Medicine, Trusted Care.
Advancing medicine. Touching lives.
Advancing the boundaries of medicine.
Because Your Life Matters.
Best of Care, Close to Home.
Better for you.
Big-city medicine. Hometown care.
Bright minds. Big hearts. The best medicine.
By Your Side.
Capital of health.
Caring for the growing needs of our community.
Caring for your life.
Caring. Healing. Leading.
Changing Medicine. Changing Lives.
Choose well. Be well.
Close to Home. Close to Your Heart.
Compassion. Innovation. Trust.
Compassionate care. Extraordinary nursing.
Dedication beyond measure.
Depend on Us for Life.
Enhancing Life. Excelling in Care.
Every Day, A New Discovery.
Exceptional care. Every patient. Every day.
Exceptional Care. Exceptional People.
Exceptional people. Exceptional care.
Exceptional technology. Extraordinary care.
Feel better.
First. Best. Always.
For the journey that is life.
For you. For your family. For life.
Founded on faith. Focused on family.
Giving children the care they deserve.
Good Help to Those in Need.
Growing to Meet Your Needs.
Healing Hands. Caring Hearts.
Health for Life.
Healthcare just for kids.
Healthcare that Cares.
Hearts Plus Minds.
Hope Lives Here.
Improving the Quality of Your Life at Home.
In Love with Life.
Inspiring Better Health.
Keeping You Well.
Leading by example.
Life Excels.
Medical excellence every day.
Medicine of the Highest Order
Medicine that touches the world.
Minds Advancing Medicine.
Expertise. Technology. Humanity.
National leaders in medicine.
Our Best, Every Day.
Our bottom line is you.
Our patients are at the centre of everything we do.
Our specialty is you.
Outstanding care, always.
Outstanding care. Extremely close.
Partnerships for Health.
Passion for caring.
Patient centric care.
People caring for people.
People you know. Healthcare you trust.
Powerful Medicine.
Progressive care with compassion.
Proud to care.
Putting more care into healthcare.
Quality care close to home.
Quality. Defined.
Remarkable People. Remarkable Medicine.
Respect. Service. Excellence.
Science transforming life.
Serving humanity in the service of Christ.
Small enough to care. Large enough to heal.
Something to feel good about.
The Area’s Most Experienced Hospital.
The child first and always.
The Future of Healthcare.
The heart of your healthcare.
The Highest Quality Healthcare.
The Hospital of the Future, Today.
The hospital you trust to care for those you love.
The Power to Heal.
The region’s leader.
The science of feeling better.
The science of medicine. The art of healing.
The seacoast’s leading medical center.
The skill to heal. The spirit to care.
The spirit of caring close to home.
There is a difference.
This is your healthcare.
Together, performing at a higher standard.
Touching lives.
Trusted for our expertise. Chosen for our care.
Uncompromising Excellence. Commitment to Care.
We put people first.
We’re here for life.
We’re in this together.
We’re Right Where You Need Us.
When only the best will do.
Where care comes first.
Where caring is our calling.
Where Compassion and Healing Come Together.
Where Healing Comes From the Heart.
Where patients are partners.
Wisdom for Your Life.
World class healthcare where you live.
World class hospitals. World class future.
World-class healthcare.
You’ll Love the Way We Care for You.
Your Health. Our Mission.
Your Hospital for Life.
Your Most Trusted Health Partner for Life.
Zero in on maximum health.

The following infographic outlines statistics and the true cost of a hospital stay in the United States. In the US, a hospital stay costs three times more than any other industrialized country in the world. Common hospital procedures also come with a larger price tag. Within the last decade alone, costs have doubled for hospitals.

Cost of a Hospital Stay

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