72 Funny Golf Scramble Team Names

Golf scramble is commonly used in club tournaments and charity outings. These four or two person teams tee off at each hole until it the ball is holed. Various versions of the golf scramble are played throughout different areas and regions. The following collection of golf scramble team names are for players looking to participate in this event. These have been used by others are intended to inspire the naming of your own team.

Back 9 Bandits
Balls of Fire
Banned In 3 States–So Far
Beer Wench
Beer, Wings and Swings
Birdies, Bogeys, Beer, and Bourbon
Bunch ‘O Hacks
Bush Wackers
Dirty Birdie
Driving Miss (Captain’s Name)
Drop Dunk
Foot Wedge Crew
Fore Play
Friends w/ Hot Temper
Gang Green
Gimmie Par
Golf is the Least of Our Problems
Golf Warriors
Hack Attack
Hackers and Packers
Hanging the Liars
Has Anyone Seen My Balls?
Hoof Hearted
Hook Shot Handymen
Iron Horse Grass Boys
Layin’ 4
Pin Seekers
Rough Boys
Sand Gropers
Sandy Savers
Smoking Tees
Stroke of Bad Luck
Team ‘Where’s The Beer Girl?’
Tee Drivers
Tee Totalers
The Birdies
The Brick Heads
The Burly Birdies
The Chili Dippers
The Close Enoughs
The Demolition Dimples
The Egg Point: Fried and Scrambled
The Fair Miners
the Gimmes
The Gold Diggers
The Hackdaddeez
The Happy Hookers
The Has-Beens
The Longballs
The Mini Tigers
The Never-Coulds
The Putt Pirates
The RunAway Birdie
The Sand Traps
The Shanksville Duffs
The Stoned
The Waterballs
The Wedgies
The Wet Wedgers
The Whippy Links
The Wooden Cups
The Wrecking Balls
Tiger’s Wood
Worm Burners

The earliest known reference to golf was made in 1452 by King James II of Scotland where his subjects were playing golf. This was banned due to their need to practice archery instead. The first international golf tournament was in 1682 when Scotland competed against England and the first known caddie was documented. The below infographic outlines the history of golf through the ages.

Golf Historical Facts