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16 Clever Save the Date Postcard Wording Examples

According to the US Census, over 2 million weddings occur in the United States each year. This is at a rate of 6.8 per every 1,000 in the population. Tweeting your wedding is a part of a $78 billion dollar wedding industry. Apps and websites have turned the wedding industry into a digital marketplace. If you are planning the big date, a compilation of save the date postcard wording examples can help motivate you to send out traditional announcements.

[name] are delighted to announce that they will be getting married on [date]. Please save the date. Formal invitation to follow.

[names] look forward to celebrating with you at their daughter’s wedding on [date]. Invitation and weekend itinerary to follow.

A Great Girl, A Great Man. Save the Date, That’s the Plan! [name and date]. Formal invitation to follow.

A romantic affair… something special is in the air! Kindly save the date for a tropical marriage celebrating uniting [name] on [date]. Invitation and travel arrangements will follow.

Please reserve the date of [date] for our wedding. Invitiation and details will follow.

Please save the date of [name]. We are getting married [date] at [location]. Formal invitation to follow.

Please Save the Date! We will be getting married on [date]. Invitation and details to follow.

Regardless of what the weather chooses to do [date] will be a spectacular sunny day. We hope you will save the date so you can join. Details to follow.

Reserve this Date. Your presence is requested at the wedding of [name and date]. Invitation will follow.

Save the Date [date] to celebrate the marriage uniting [names]. Invitation to follow.

Save the Date. [names] are typing the knot [date]. Formal invitation to follow.

Save the Date. [names] begin their journey together on [date]. Formal invitation to follow.

The pleasure of your company is requested at the wedding of [name] on [date]. Invitation will follow.

We are exciting to announce the date of our upcoming wedding! [date] in [location]. Invitation to follow.

We are so excited to announce that we plan to marry this year on [date]. Kindly save the date for this joyous event. Formal invitation in the upcoming months.

We’re taking the plunge! Hope you’ll be there to celebrate our flight. [names] say “I Do’ [date]. Formal invitation to follow.

The average cost of a wedding dress is $1,099 with couples spending approximately $190 per guest that attend. The average age of a bride is 29 while a groom is 31. An estimated 17% of couples share their wedding plan information online. You can use social media to poll about wedding songs, tweet to bridesmaids, and make arrangements. The infographic below discusses what a digital high tech wedding looks like in current times.

Social Weddings Trends

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