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22 Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Sites


Aside from being a mouthful, “The Marketing Technology Blog’s Top WordPress Plugins for Business” is also an infographic that explores plugin options in WordPress for improving the performance and traffic of a business site. Hosted by a blog dedicated to marketing, this infographic seems to carry some expertise and many of its suggestions are proven standards of web marketing. This infographic is essentially just a large list of plugin names and why they are going to be useful to you from a business sense. At the end is a short list of facts about WordPress, followed by links to each of the WordPress plugins mentioned in the larger portion of the infographic.

Main Categories of Plugins

The plugins section is divided into four broad categories: analytics, content, search, and social.

Analytics Plugins
The “analytics” section contains only a single suggested plugin: Google analytics. Most marketing specialists will warn you that there are definitely other fish in the sea in this area, but Google analytics is a very solid analytics program, especially for people just starting in site management.

Content Plugins
With seven categories, “Content” is one of the two large categories. This section includes advanced custom fields, a plugin that improves customization of site layout. Also in this section is Akismet, a popular form of spam prevention software, DK’s New Media Image Rotator, a simple widget that allows for image rotation, DKoated CTA Buttons, a simple way to place call to action buttons in various places on a site, Formstack, a plugin for embedding forms, Teleport, a shortcut maneuverability plugin, and WP Touch Pro, a plugin for creating mobile themese for Apple mobile devices.

Search Plugins
The search section includes three entries: Cookillian, WordPress SEO, and WP Robot Text.

Social Plugins
The Social section is the other large section, and contains Co-Authors Plus, Disqus, Facebook, Swipp, Jetpack, Outbrain, Pinterest, WP Socialite, WP to Buffer, and Youtube Sidebar, all of which are ways to enhance social sharing of site elements.

WordPress Facts and Demographics

The WordPress facts section includes statistics on WordPress’s age, the number of sites that it powers, and the number of daily downloads on those sites. It is not completely void of endorsement, as this section hosts an endorsement for WP Engine, a hosting site, as well as the marketing tech blog, which is the infographic’s creator, and DK New Media, a theme designer and plugin developer. The only other link in the section is to WordPress’s hosting service for businesses with access to VIP cloud technology.

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