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7 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing Digital Conversion Rates

Digital marketing is the wave of the future that you must join now. The process of increasing your conversion rates in digital marketing is referred to as conversion rate optimization and it is an integral part of your marketing approach. However, it is often forgotten about for whatever reason. Making conversion rate optimization a priority will allow you to design your website in the most effective way. Now increased subscriptions and sales can be possible.

The Power of Conversion Rate Optimization

This past year the popularity of conversion rate optimization reached new heights. Now most marketers see this as the main focal point to their digital marketing approach. Almost 60% of businesses have finally come to understand the importance of conversion rate optimization.

Google Noticed

Google has taken notice of conversion rate optimization and when Google takes notice you know it is important. Here are a few ways to increase your conversion rates and effectively optimize:

Page Load Speed

Images, videos and plugins might look great, but they add to your page load speed. If users do not stick around to see your mobile site it doesn’t matter how many videos you have online. Most people are looking for mobile sites that load within 2 seconds and about 47% of users will leave a site within 3 seconds if it does not load. This means that page load speed matters much more than images or videos.

Optimize Testimonials

90% of people say that they are more likely to choose a brand, product or service when others give it a positive review. However, you have the ability to make testimonials more impact by strategically placing them near the call to action. This will make them much more effective in converting them into sales or leads.

Sign Form Optimization

A mistake that most digital marketers make involves the use of sign up forms. You do not want to simply copy and paste a sign up form to your mobile site. It is much more effective if you customize or optimize a sign up form template to your exact needs. This can be done by honing in on the information that is most vital to increase conversion rates. Everything else is just a waste of space. Also be sure to choose sign up forms that offer validation right away to help you save time in the process.

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