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12 Terrific HVAC Marketing Ideas

How do you currently market your HVAC business to your local community? One of the interesting aspects of this industry is that many businesses seem to unintentionally advertise to their own ego instead of marketing the quality and affordability of the field services that they provide. Marketing efforts that create the wrong impression will do more damage to a business than good, so it is critically important to use a proven idea that works.

A good place to start is by writing down all of the strengths that you feel like your HVAC business can provide a customers. These strengths are what a prospect will find valuable, so market these strengths in a way that solves problems instead of in a way that strokes the ego.

Effective HVAC Marketing Ideas

1. Are You a Local Expert?
Niche expertise is the fastest way to drum up new business on any level of marketing. From local to global, if your prospects see you as the HVAC expert, then you’ll be more likely to get their business. A great place to start this process is to join LinkedIn and other social networks where you can interact with people, solve problems, and demonstrate that you’re on the cutting edge of this industry.

2. Utilize Your Blog In a Smart Way
Your blog is an instant resource for information and research, but many HVAC blogs simply regurgitate the same data that a basic Google search can provide. You’re a local business, so talk about solving local issues. Give exposure to other businesses on your blog and give people valuable data that they can use on their own to maintain their HVAC system in some way.

3. Make Your Business Memorable
People often have 10 seconds or less to remember your contact information so make your business as memorable as possible. It starts with an effective business name that a prospect can remember until they get a chance to research you. Easy to remember contact numbers can help facilitate this process as well. Utilize QR codes and provide a simple to remember website to compliment these other methods and you’ll make the most out of those 10 seconds of exposure.

4. First Impressions Count
People will judge the quality of your HVAC services in 30 seconds or less and that means you will either make or break your case in that amount of time. First impressions don’t start when someone calls you or walks into your business usually. It often begins with the quality of your advertising and marketing efforts. If your ad leaves someone with a bad taste in their mouth, then you’re simply handing revenues to your competitors.

5. Sponsor a Charity Event
The returns from a charity sponsorship are not always great, but you’re creating a priceless level of goodwill within your community that will be remembered if someone needs HVAC services. “Didn’t that one company sponsor a hole at the golf tournament?” someone will ask. They’ll dig through their records, pull out your sponsorship details, and give you a call because you took the initiative to reach out in the first place.

6. Social Media Really Does Work
If you’ve got a good social media presence, then you’ve got the foundation for success. There’s no better way to interact with your local community on an individual level than with social media. From comments on posts to event invitations and informative links to good HVAC resources, the value that you create with your online presence is a value that will translate over to the quality of the services you provide others.

7. Offer Quality Testimonials
Talk with existing customers about offering real-time testimonials and references so that a prospect can talk about and see the actual quality of the service you provide. A good business relationship will often facilitate this automatically, but you can encourage this process through the use of discounted services or other items of value that a business or residential referral might want.

8. Implement a Referral Program
A lot of business today is generated by word of mouth, so a referral program can help to facilitate this process. Offer discounts not only to the customer who referred someone, but give an initial discount to the new customer as well. This will generate a lot of happy feelings, provide an even higher level of value, and potentially generate even more referrals.

9. Be Confident
Don’t let a No Solicitation sign stand in the way of putting forth a quality sales pitch. Be confident in the value that you can provide someone and then demonstrate that value to the best of your ability in person every day. Confidence indicates quality and that’s what people ultimately want.

10. Join the Local Chamber
The local Chamber of Commerce is a good place to network your business in an effective way. It’s a good way to demonstrate a solid presence in the community for residential customers and you can use Chamber events to network with businesses that might normally just dismiss you the moment you try to schedule a sales presentation.

11. Create 30 Seconds of Bliss
Every contact you have someone is a sales opportunity, so perfect a 30 second pitch that you can provide whenever someone asks you what you do. It doesn’t have to be something that goes in-depth. Just be clear and concise about the services that you provide and how you’re able to help out many of the businesses you work with on a daily basis.

12. Forge Partnerships
There are a lot of people who need your services and don’t even realize it. There’s the contractor who cleans up and repairs HUD homes. There are the real estate investors who flip properties. Lots of people don’t realize the need for HVAC services until it’s too late, so create awareness now with these niche groups so that it’s you they turn toward when they have a need instead of the top listing online or in the Yellow Pages.


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