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7 Ways to Ignite Innovative Thinking


Many people assume that they have to be professional and serious at all times in the workplace, but this might not be entirely true. It is possible to actually improve creativity and productivity in the workplace by letting people have a more playful attitude. Here are the biggest takeaways from the infographic.

If there is one term that is not normally connected to the workplace, it is playfulness. Many people think that professionalism is key, but young people ate often bursting with playfulness. Some of the best ideas can be created when playfulness is accepted and appreciated. Being playful might actually be what can help you get ahead in business by helping you come up with the most innovative and thoughtful ideas.

Why Are We Afraid?
The reason that many people hide there playfulness in the workplace is out of fear. Many people think that they need to tone down their behavior and keep up with certain appearances. They do not want to come off as overly enthusiastic or embarrassing. This is why a lot of people hide their true playful personality in the workplace. However, hiding your playfulness could be to the detriment of your creativity. Playfulness and bravery are personality traits that do not always come as a tandem. This means that some playful people are timid and not brave enough to show it off.

Creative Vision
If you want creativity and playfulness to thrive in the workplace, you need to create a vision for your business that captures the imaginations of all employees. This means that your vision might seem almost unattainable, but you need to be striving for something that is bigger than you in order to be fully inspired. Dreaming big is a good thing in the workplace.

Unique Values
After you have come up with a creative vision that is inspiring, you need to come up with a set of values for your company that are unique. They need to be specific to your company and be values that can actually be put into action. These are not just things that you will put on the wall, but will be values that are actually followed and respected on a daily basis. If you make playfulness a part of the daily language it will have a place in the office. You need to challenge the way that people are thinking and approaching their work.

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