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7 Ways to Decrease Your SEO Budget


Tired of Spending Money on SEO Fees?

Though SEO is considered the best practice for raising the ranking of any given site, it isn’t the only method that can be used to boost popularity. There are several methods, in fact, that can increase the popularity of your website and ultimately the search rankings that you receive. If you’re tired of spending your money on search engine optimization because the results you’ve been getting are inconclusive, then why not try these methods today to see if you could achieve better success?

Offer Your Content For Free!

If you are willing to offer premium content to consumers and business partners for free, there’s a good chance that they’ll either download, read, or reprint this content on their own blogs and forums. They’ll be required by search engines to link back to the author of the content or they’ll suffer an SEO penalty themselves, which means you’ll be getting incoming links from content that is published. If the content is downloaded and read, you might even get a hot lead!

Offer To Write Your Own Column For Free!

There are fewer reporters today working than there were in 1980. Revenue proportions from advertising haven’t changed in nearly 70 years! Even online websites are struggling to get fresh content printed because there just isn’t enough money to go around to pay good writers. By offering to provide content for free, you’re providing a publisher with a solution they need and in return, you get exposure.

Design Great Looking Stuff!

If a website, graphic, or video is visually appealing, it is more likely to be shared, liked, and tweeted. Who cares if the graphic is downloaded and shared without giving credit to you? As long as your information is in the graphic, you’ll be getting more attention and that’s ultimately what will lead to better traffic, better site rankings, and better results.

Stay At the Top of Consumer’s Minds!

The easiest way to stay in the forefront of someone’s mind is to continually offer them valuable data. Follow this up by engaging with people and you’ll slowly but surely create a network of people who will look you up if they realize that they haven’t heard from you in awhile. When you achieve that, you don’t really even need to worry about your site’s SEO rankings to experience success!

Comment On Stuff All the Time!

Not only will you engage people when you comment on their blogs, profiles, or posts, but you’ll also get the opportunity to generate lots of backlinks. In just one example, a site owner left a comment on a fairly popular blog post and included their site link not in the comment, but in the contact information. The comment was posted, a link was given under the person’s name, and over 100 high PR valid backlinks were generated.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your SEO if you don’t want to do so. These measures can help to boost your site’s popularity, even if it isn’t maximized or achieving the results you’d like to see right away. Use these in combination with or instead of traditional SEO techniques and you may just find the success you’ve been trying to find for so long!

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