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7 Herbal Remedies for Stress and Anxiety


Herbal Alternatives For Stress Relief

Are you finding that stress is slowly but surely overwhelming your life? Do you get home and feel tired, drained, and unwilling to do anything but sit in your recliner and drool at the television? Would you like to change your life around so they you have more energy to do the things you love after you’ve fulfilled your professional responsibilities? With these herbal alternatives, you may just find the emotional energy to combat the stresses of life and become more resilient!

St. John’s Wort:
Though everyone tends to respond a little differently to consistent usage of St. John’s Wort, one of the primary effects that this herbal alternative provides is the ability to balance the neurotransmitters in your mind. With these neurotransmitters balanced, you have a mood that can be boosted, giving you the ability to fend of stress in a better way when it attacks.

Ginseng is an herbal alternative that has the ability to provide you with a double whammy of goodness! Not only does it give you more energy to get through a tough day, but it also enhances your ability to relax. When you combine these two traits together, you have a better ability to analyze a stressful situation and come up with an effective solution to it. The down side of ginseng is that if you are pregnant or taking a blood thinner, even if it is just aspirin, then you shouldn’t take it.

Oatstraw Tea:
One of the more unusual herbal alternatives that people take, oatstraw tea has a unique ability to help calm you down when you’re in an anxious or stressful situation. It also has the ability to limit the effects that arthritis may have in your joints and even increase your sexual desires! Of course an increase in your sex drive may just add more stress to your life…

Lemon Balm:
One of the most difficult things to do in a stressful situation is remember something that has happened some time ago. That’s because as our emotional stress rises, our cognitive abilities actually fall. Lemon balm helps to improve memory recall because it has an innate ability to calm down an overstimulated body.

Chamomile may carry with it an allergy warning, but many people utilize this wonderful tea because it has a tremendous calming effect. It can prepare the mind to be able to sleep better, and with more rest, you’ll have more resilience to potential stresses throughout the day. It also eases anxiety, allowing the mind to better process the events that are occurring.

Though not technically a herb, this mushroom is often called the “Mushroom of Immortality.” It has a triple effect on the human body: it can lower blood pressure, promote better sleep, and boost the immune system. Best of all, it tastes great too!

Having these herbal alternatives at your disposal may be the last thing you need to conquer a stressful situation. Incorporate them into your daily routines and see how much better you can handle the stress that is sure to come your way today!

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