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7 Ways to Create a Happy Workplace


Every company should try and create a great place to work. Unfortunately, most companies don’t invest sufficient time or thoughts to create a great workplace. Having a great workplace ensures talent retention, enhances productivity and has happy staffs. Employee satisfaction is extremely important and that is the key to the success of any company.

7 Tips For Creating A Great Place To Work is a guide to the simple changes that a company needs to make to have a great workplace, to have happy staffs and to retain talents. Many businesses think that salaries are what keep employees sticking around. That is not true. Had salaries been the biggest driving force then there would have been no attrition whatsoever in companies that pay the most. The reality is that it is a combination of factors that contribute to make a workplace great.

Once the basic financial needs are met, employees don’t just care for more money but for more time, more trust, greater recognition and everyone wants to have a goal which will actually keep the professionals motivated in the first place.

If you offer a certain salary to an employee, there can always be another company offering a better salary. But if you offer flexibility in work hours then the other companies can at best match the facility. There is no way to outdo such a facility. Having flexible work hours will always be better for any professional. Most professionals find it too difficult to balance life and work. If you allow your employees to work from home, to take short breaks or go out for some personal work, as long as the professional puts in the required hours or delivers on the job assigned, then you will have happy employees. Companies that have the happiest employees have the most flexible work hours and also great recognition and lucid communication.

Companies that don’t communicate will never have a great workplace. When employees are kept in the dark, not communicated to much or are not given an idea of the larger picture, the employees will feel distanced and will certainly not feel like a part of the team. Recognition also plays a great role in creating a great place to work. When a company acknowledges talent, appreciates achievements at work and gives everyone their due importance, the employees will be happy.

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