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7 Types of Instagram Photo Styles that Get Shared the Most


The Secret To Generating More Likes On Instagram

Social media marketers, branding specialists, advertisers and companies cutting across industries have been consistently wondering what generates more interest on social networks and what doesn’t interest the users enough. Some images always get more likes on Instagram. Every user aspires to get the maximum likes but not all succeed in accomplishing their objectives. There are some images that go viral while innumerable photos almost go unnoticed. The general perception is that the images that go viral must have something in common. Sadly, there is no such common link that can connect all popular images. When there are millions of images that are posted on Instagram, it is not a cakewalk to draw similarities or even the smallest common thread among them.

The Impact of Images

But what is indeed possible is to analyze the type of photos or images that make a better impression than others. The accompanying info-graphics illustrate exactly that. While going through the info-graphics, you would get to know the basic differences between images that are appreciated and images that are not crowd pullers. The purpose of posting an image may be to draw attention, to showcase someone’s talent or just to share a great photo. Regardless of that purpose or eventual objective, there is a secret to generating more likes on Instagram.

Featuring Color

Bright images with interesting backgrounds having mild or saturating colors are more likely to get the desired number of likes than lowly lit photos without any apparent background. Also, photos with less saturation and some action in the moment are likely to draw more likes. For instance, if a photo is a lowly lit picture of an object that is taken in close-up and is high on saturation, then it wouldn’t be able to draw much attention. The same object, shot from a distance wherein an interesting background is visible or apparent and the saturation is mild to create a sense of intrigue, would generate much more interest and get many more likes.

Images that are fun, have a message or some action to convey, is not a mishmash of different colors are what people like to view and share. Looking at the examples provided in the info-graphics you can get a fair idea of what works on Instagram and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, you have to impress the viewer to get an endorsement or the desired like.

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