24 Funny Engineering Team Names

The study of engineering is estimated to have a very flourishing future. To keep in front of the line in learning, joining an engineering team will keep your challenged as well as incite teamwork and communication among your peers. The growth in engineering is expected to see a 17% increase causing 2.4 million job vacancies in the economy. Mathematics and engineering is considered to be one of the most sough out fields in the future. A collection of engineering team names from existing groups are compiled below to help inspire your own participation.

440 or 11kv
Early & Under
Elec Power
Electric Studio/Studio Of Electricity
Electro Infinity
Geo-Thermal Energy
High Voltage Club
Kirchoff’s Electric Society
Madoff’s Minions
Overbuilt and Under Paid
Plugged In
Power Club
Power House
Team Goldman Sachs
The Vagetarians

The following infographic outlines the gap in education between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This is also referred to as STEM. Current trends have shown that there are 3.6 unemployed individuals per every job listing. However for STEM related jobs, there are only a single unemployed individual for every 1.9 job listings. An estimated 75% of future growing occupations will require a significant amount of math and science knowledge.

Engineering Education Value