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7 Truths About ENFJ and INFJ Relationship Compatibility for a Male and Female

It’s never easy to base someone on initial impressions, but you can immediately begin to feel a connection from just a few words. Whether you are reserved or eager to start a conversation with anyone, there are always opportunities to meet new people who can help expand and enrich your life.

Having a relationship with a healthy mix of similarities and differences can be just what people look for when looking for a successful relationship. For the ENFJ and INFJ personalities, we found 7 truths about their relationship compatibility to highlight how they can work together to thrive and overcome challenges.

1. Varied Initial Impressions
It is very rare that two people in a relationship will hit it off right from the get-go with the same level of energy and enthusiasm. The ENFJ personality is going to enter interactions with more energy and will want to get a meaningful conversation going as soon as they can.

For the INFJ personality, they tend to be more reserved in their initial interactions and will want a little more time to think. As these two interact, it is important that they find a healthy balance of energy and connection for smooth conversation.

2. Potential for a Deep Connection
Despite the opposing energy upon first meeting, these two people have a large amount of potential for a very deep and meaningful connection. Both of these personalities are based around ideas of idealism and want to do whatever they can to make things work and thrive.

There is also a decent amount of shared interest when it comes to both of these personalities wanting to do good for others and give back in their own ways.

3. Conflict Avoidance
Another benefit of these personalities sharing an idealism for harmony and peace is that they will likely try to avoid conflict and handle issues that arise with relative ease. Thanks to their ability for a strong sense of empathy and connection, they can easily imagine the other person’s perspective and situation.

Being able to see the other side of an argument for these two means that they can try and resolve arguments and conflict with ease as they look to find common ground and solve the issue at hand.

4. Conversations Will Take Work
The dynamic that will naturally arise from differing energy levels will be very relevant when it comes to conversation between these two. ENFJ personalities are natural speakers and will more than likely be the ones leading and driving the conversation forward.

The INFJ personality generally listens more and can often find it relaxing to listen to the other person speak. An important thing to remember however is that the ENFJ needs to know when to let the INFJ speak so it is a conversation and not a lecture.

5. Enjoy Helping Others
The values you share in any relationship can often be the thing that helps you see past differences and get over arguments. Both personalities are very focused on helping other people and are driven to help get rid of wrongdoing in the world for a better life for others.

The jobs that these types of personalities go for are usually in the humanities and are centered around helping others. Doing things like volunteering and charity work is a great way for these personalities to connect.

6. Shared Values
It is fairly obvious at this point that these two personalities are a solid match, but we have to look at other angles to see where some issues may lie. Since the values shared among these personalities are so similar, any differences or contrasting views that come up may be devastating.

Shared values are great at times, but if conflict about what is right arises then there could be some serious issues. Thankfully, both personalities are great at handling differences and will want to get things back on track as soon as possible to avoid conflict.

7. Require Different Energy
Every person has a different way of replenishing their energy, so making sure you understand how others get their energy is important for any relationship. The ENFJ personality is more focused on going out and socializing as a way to get their energy levels up.

For the INFJ, they would rather spend time alone or at home where they can get their energy back and relax. Finding a balance between both forms of energy gathering will help keep both people comfortable and happy.


With so many great commonalities, it is clear to see why the ENFJ and INFJ personalities are so compatible. We looked at just 7 truths about the compatibility of these personalities, but there is so much more to learn by going out and interacting with anyone you come across in life.

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