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7 Superb Debbianne DeRose Quotes

Debianne DeRose is an author and mentor. Known for her writings on enlightenment and empowerment, DeRose has shared many tidbits of knowledge in her time. Here is a look at some of the best Debbianne DeRose quotes to familiarize yourself with.

“Having your cake and eating it too is how Life was meant to be. Everything is possible. And the things we want the most are not only possible, they’re highly probable.”

“If the life you’re living is unsatisfactory, you’ve been sending out mixed messages—conducting multiple simultaneous phone conversations with the Universe (not to mention talkin’ smack). If change is what you’re after, you need to unify your broadcast and quit muddying up the signals with thoughts that contradict your preferences. It’s not so much what you need to do as it is what you need to stop doing. The experience of happiness, love and abundance is actually the default Life design. It’s already available. You just need to clean out the debris that’s blocking your view.”

“Infinite possibilities exist but we only focus on a small subset, filtering most of it out with our Beliefs.”

“Regardless of the delivery method, your Higher Mind will leave you a trail of popcorn. It’s been happening all along, even if you’ve been unaware, trampling it underfoot. It may only be one kernel at a time, but that’s all you really need.”

“Small-scale Appreciation and its vibration-raising magic are always available. And while the “Physical Mind” can easily get carried away thinking that Appreciation requires us to convert an entire horrific experience into butterflies and smiley faces, it doesn’t need to be so grandiose. When you decide to appreciate something, no matter how subtle, you absolutely do pivot and shift your vibration significantly.”

“The gospel truth of our time-space reality is that you absolutely can do, be, have, create or experience whatever we want—as long as you first decide that we’re worthy of it. And that decision is yours alone.”

“Your manifesting results are comprised of a chain with zillions of tiny links—moments, experiences, conversations, physical objects, and coinciding events—all leading up to what you’d consider “the finished product” or the goal achieved. Be open to recognizing and appreciating every link. Normally the mind glosses, or even steamrollers, over them, discounting them as stupid, unimportant, too-little-too-late, irrelevant or uninteresting.”

Debbianne DeRose appears at the New Living Expo in San Francisco discussing MANifesting and the Single Gal. This inspirational video captures the spirit and personality that DeRose has become known for.

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