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9 Bad Habits that Hurt Productivity


Some people are more productive than others. You cannot change that reality. It is absolutely possible that some people will always be more productive than you. No matter what a person does, there will be people more skilled than him or her and there will be people who would be less productive. What you can do is be at your productive best.

There are many actions we indulge in that directly or indirectly affect our productivity. Some of those actions are rather involuntary. You just end up doing up. But most of them are completely in our control. Here are a few habits that we develop over time which can really derail your productivity.

1) Don’t Keep Checking Your Phone When You Are Working.
There are millions of people who don’t turn off their phones while at work. That is not necessary but if you keep taking calls, checking your texts, reading the messages on social networks or staying hooked to social media, then you cannot be even the least productive given your skills and ability. Even if you keep checking your emails, you aren’t going to get better. Always have a dedicated time, however brief it may be, to check emails, texts, calls and social media updates. Rest of the time, you should stay away from your phone. Turn off desktop notifications and any such reminders which will distract you.

2) You Should Not Try To Do Too Many Things At Once.
Many people think that multitasking is great. It is not. It takes an unnecessary toll on the person and it compromises on the quality of the work being done. Many people keep trying to remember various things when they multitask. That is a sheer waste of time. Having a routine, a neatly organized calendar or just doing one thing after the other and only when one task is completed is the best way to go about it.

3) Don’t Try To Achieve Perfection At The Very First Attempt.
Your first objective is to get the job done. You can always do a better job when you review your work. Those who aim for perfection at the very outset will never have anything completed. Also, you need to change the way you approach a job if it is not happening. The same approach will get you the same result. This also affects the quality because if you take the same route then you would have the imperfect outcome.

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