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7 Reasons Why the Pinterest Design is Addictive

7 Reasons Why the Pinterest Design is Addictive

The Addictive Nature of Pinterest

Pinterest’s rise in popular is thought of as phenomenal. Within 6 months, Pinterest experienced a large scale growth spurt of 866 percent in unique visitors. The average user spends 98 minutes a month on the site, compared to 2.5 hours on Tumblr and 7 hours on Facebook. Here is a listing as to six reasons users love Pinterest.

Why Love Pinterest?

1. Design
Pinterest is known for their simplicity in design, allowing for excessive scrolling of content with minimal effort or distraction. Action buttons remain hidden, as the image is placed center stage in an effort to mesmerize users. Information is sleep and icon-free with comments left to a minimal and nicely stacked away. Most photos shared are nicely photographed and seem to be art directed.

2. Critical Mass
Pinterest is an image based site that allows the creation of boards focused on just about any fascination or interests their users has. People will no longer need to scour the internet to satiate any addiction they have for odds and ends. Like Facebook, Pinterest relies heavily on their users creating the content for their site.

3. Refuge
Many internet users are getting bored of Facebook/Twitter. Pinterest has become a refuge for status updates, check-ins, and the pinning of vacation photos. Users can also become freer and share their likes/dislikes without the worry of personal content or privacy concerns. 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins. Whereas, only 1.4% of tweets are retweets.

4. Accessibility
Pinterest has an app and browser plugin that can be used to access your account. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, this site does not have to be accessed to post content. The “Pin It” browser plugin icon helps to pint the content for you.

5. Get Popular
Pinterest also acts as an additional social media venue with all pins placed on new pins Placed on the front page. Pinterest can also be used with your Facebook to help to automatically update your page, increase engagement or conversation, or expand your follower count to encourage repining.

6. You Can Do It!
Beware not to get to addicted. Anyone who has perused an image board helps to inspire them to get creative. This causes users to return again and again with the thought of something new. These boards can also encourage the addictive mentality of “I can do it too.”

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