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6 Facebook Page Timeline Tips for Businesses

6 Facebook Page Timeline Tips for Businesses

6 Tips for Facebook Business Page Timeline

An outline to getting started with Facebook business page timeline in six easy steps.

1. Set Up A Cover Photo

The cover photo dimensions for Facebook is 851×315. An image should be used that represents your brand with a touch of creativity. Be sure to adhere by the following Facebook policies.

• Do Not Include Price/Purchase Information
• Do Not Include Contact Information
• Do Not Include Calls to Action
• Do Not Include References to Facebook Features/Actions

Your cover photo should not be false, deceptive, or misleading nor infringe on third parties’ intellectual property.

2. Set Up A Profile Picture

The profile picture for Facebook is displayed on each of your updates on your wall or user news feeds. The image must meet 180×180 pixels in dimensions and look clear in a 32×32 pixel thumbnail size. The profile picture is also the image that is used with sponsored stories or ads. Use this spot to display your logo.

3. Organize Views and Apps

Your views and apps are displayed under the cover photo. Photos are automatically placed in the first spot, but page admins can rearrange the remaining app boxes and feature preferred choices. A total of 12 apps can be displayed.

4. Star, Hide, and Pin

When individual stories are hovered over, you can choose to widen them or hide them within your timeline by using the pencil icon. These posts can be highlighted by using the star icon or deleted entirely.

You can also choose to pin/anchor a specific story at the top of the Timeline for up to seven days. This means the post will remain on top rather than get buried among recent updates.

5. Enable Messages

Users are able to not send personal messages to brand owners making it easier to host private conversations among fans. This is a good feature to implement when a topic or issue needs to be discussed more in depth and not placed in a public conversation in your timeline.

6. Feature Milestones

This new design allows admins to feature milestone on your page, highlighting accomplishments such as fan growth, award wins, product releases, and more. The image dimensions are 843×403 pixels. You can create a new or past milestone via the status update box, prompting for any additional input information to be added to establish your milestone.

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