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7 Proven Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers


If you want YouTube subscribers, then you need to know what people want to see on this platform. Although gaming is growing in popularity, comedy is still the #1 genre on YouTube. It is the preference of 1 in 3 YouTube subscribers.

Once you settle on the type of content you’ll use, here are some ways you can begin to quickly establish your brand and build a subscriber base.

1) Remind people of who you are.
Be specific about the types of videos that you make. Fill out your personal information in a way that lets people get to know you. Use the channel trailer as a way to enhance your brand, but keep the message short.

2) Encourage people to subscribe.
Never assume that people will know to subscribe to your channel. Remind them within the channel banner for bests results.

3) Create a signature sign-off or sign-on.
You need to establish yourself as a brand to viewers. You’re the face and voice of the brand. With signature phrases, like a sign-off or a sign-on, you can create something that is memorable for viewers to enjoy.

4) Stay on top of trending topics.
Keep up with current events. Use your subject matter in a way that relates your expertise to your chosen category while keeping your content relevant.

5) Don’t ignore the titles.
Titles that inspire curiosity are titles that will get your clicks. Think about what keywords are popular now, but put on your fortune teller hat and think about what will be popular in the future as well. Then put those keywords into your titles.

6) Odd numbers work.
If you’re creating videos with tips or lists, be aware that odd numbers generate more interest than even numbers. Make one-minute videos or three-minute videos. Make sure to include an interesting adjective with your descriptions too.

7) Be genuine.
You don’t need to ask for reciprocal comments or subscriptions. Look at similar content, leave a genuine comment, and leave it there. Use a timestamp to leave a comment about a specific part of the video. It’s a time investment, but being genuine will grow a subscriber base quickly.

It can seem daunting to grow a subscriber base at first, but over time, you can establish your brand on YouTube. Use these options to get started today.

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