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7 Keys to Getting Leads from Tradeshows


So you’re hitting that trade show and hoping to hit it big. All your time will be wasted if you can’t reel in those customers who are stopping by your booth SO how do you make your exhibition a place for business and not idle chatter? Everyone who is not interested would love to stay and chat, take the free pens and walk away without giving you the time of day. Piperlinersales, Inc. has some answers for you.

Create a Lead Generation Plan

First, you need a lead generation plan. You should have this plan before you even set up a table. The secret, say the experts is to know what you want to accomplish before you even set out on the road. A salesman at a car dealership knows what he wants to sell you before you even show up. Once you say just a sentence, he’s going to choose just which vehicle from his line-up that you’re going to go home with.

Set Goals and Targets

You’re not guessing, even if it’s your very first exhibition. So set goals for yourself and choose your targets. Set a reasonable goal and maybe you’ll go beyond it. In advance of your opening day, set the number of well-qualified new leads that you expect to turn into customers.

Present a Positive Image

You’re presenting yourself, not just your product, so make sure you present a positive image of yourself as well. Your professional appearance is a good start. Make sure you have good signs and catchy pictures that make it easy for observers to figure out exactly what you sell and what you do. I’s almost like a job interview-you present yourself well and you go in knowing what you want. You want to turn the lead into a sale in the same respect.

Avoid Small Talk

Don’t spend time on small talk. As we said before, those who are willing to chat are chatting because they aren’t interested in doing anything else-expect maybe wasting your time on purpose in order to get good leads to avoid your table and go to theirs instead. Move quickly from idle chatter to your discovery w=questions and find out if your visitor is a real lead or a blow-hard.

Be an Expert

Present yourself as the expert that you are. Again-you’re selling yourself as much as you are selling your product. Gather data quickly and concisely and make sure you follow up. A bland, generic thank you card won’t do. Show that you remember the individual who talked to you

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