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7 Facebook Page Design Tips that Rock

7 Facebook Page Design Tips that Rock

Tips to Designing Your Facebook Page for Business

What if your Facebook page was a storefront? How would it look? Well it is not the same as placing a neon sign in the window that flashes Open and expecting walk by traffic to come in. Here are some design tips to making your Facebook page open for business.

Cover Photo

Your cover photo acts as the sign that would be above your storefront door.

Welcome Page Thumbnail

This is the door to your business. Make sure to have a welcome page so you can welcome people inside your business.


Your photos act as your windows. What people see in the images are like products hanging in the windows.

Message Feature

This is your mailbox and allows messages to be sent to the owner directly. It is also a great place to receive thank you notes and private feedback.

The Wall

Your wall acts as your community bulletin board where guests are able to add their own bit of content and contribution. Ultimately though, the owner has control of what is posted and what stays.

The highlight features allows you to showcase special images and details like a third window display.

The Admin Panel

This is your executive assistance and provides you with important notifications, charts of growth, and access to new mail.

Note: 1 out of 5 page views on the US Internet is on Facebook. That’s like locating your business in the most popular strip mall of all time.

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