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10 Tips for Getting More People to Read Your Blog

10 Tips for Getting More People to Read Your Blog

10 Ways to Get More Blog Readers

1. Post Good Content Frequently

The number one way to get people to return to your site is to post good quality content and post it frequently. Original content is the best because it is stuff readers cannot find elsewhere. Keep in mind that your content should be useful, funny, and worthwhile to read.

2. Make Posts Shareable

If your content is easy to share than your readers will share it. To increase your ability to gain more share, use eye-catching titles, keep them short and easy to read, and include an infographic or video. Include high quality images while engaging an inspiring your readers to get connected. Shareable content is the most valued on the web right now and can end up circulating all over Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

3. Use Tools for Curating

You can take an old idea, add a new perspective, and create new content. This will help you increase the visitors to your posts while also placing a new spin on related posts you previous wrote that were well received by your audience. Share with others on sites such as Pinterest that act as one of the most popular content curation tools right now. This method will continue to expand your reach and allow your posts to be passed on to others where they add their own two cents and pass along.

4. Include Guest Bloggers

Guest writers help to contribute new and fresh content from a different perspective. These bloggers will not only be producing content for your page but most likely promote it among their own audience bringing you more new readers.

5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO does not have to be difficult nor time consuming. Spend an extra few minutes after each post to add the detail needed to benefit you in the long run. Ending up on the first page of Google is like being the busiest store in the mall. Experiment with different tactics and methods to see how your page views are impacted and you find something that works.

6. Proofread Before Publishing

Be sure not to include grammatical errors in your final article. Be sure all the spelling, grammar, and facts mentioned are correct. If your readers are unable to understand what you say, how can you expect your overall message to be conveyed strongly enough?

7. Link Building

If you are not a fan of linking for the sake of linking, is are some ways to help you with pageviews. If you are using related posts plugin look at the clicks in your analytics. They are most likely low and tend to perform poorly for a lot of people. However, working a related post into the text of your article can help or placing popular posts with links in the sidebar will increase your page views. This will help you keep people hanging around a little long while not looking like a spammer.

Secondly, when you notice other sites link to you your page views may increase as well as your SEO. The best way to get popular sites to link to you is not to beg but to create high quality original content that will naturally make people want to link to you.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is currently the most effective form of online advertising. It is a shame spammers give a bad name to email marketers. You do not have to send our mass emails to strangers to get more pageviews from an email campaign. You can simple email 50 friends or colleagues and ask them to give their opinion and leave a comment. Let them know you will do the same for them and invite them to forward the post to anyone they think may find it useful. This will increase your rapport with your readers and build a more loyal following audience.

9. Break Up Long Posts

Breaking up a long post into two or three posts will create a boost for pageviews. Once they are published, be sure to interlink them together no matter which one is stumbled upon. Be sure each individual posts stands out on its own therefore if someone only reads one of the three, they can still find it useful and have it make sense to them.

10. Use Social Media

When you want to spread the news about your new post, be sure to let your friends and followers on your social media networks know. This will increase your page views as well as some of these other tips to make social media more effective.

– Twitter requires a few thousand followers before you can gain a form of reach on there. Having a reciprocity group of close knit friends or colleagues share you content can help to extend your reach and grow your page quicker.
– You can also partner with others to share high quality content with your social share buttons attached.

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