67 Catchy Fashion Slogans and Good Taglines

A list of 65 catchy fashions slogans from some of the most popular brands known. These taglines are seen in advertising  focused towards appealing to the consumers sense of beauty and individuality. 

A classic never goes out of style.
A diamond is forever.
A style for every story.
Alexandra. Clothes that mean business.
All girls are gorgeous in Jantzen.
Be stupid.
Be your own label.
Clarks. Shoes designed for living.
Clarks. Shoes to live in.
Designed for fit. Loved for style.
Designed to work as hard as you.
Diesel. For successful living.
Dress like you’re already famous.
Ecco. Shoes for life.
Every kiss begins with Kay.
Ex Officio. Clothes for a big planet.
Ex Officio. Expect more from your clothes.
Falke. For tomorrow’s people.
Falke. Soul texture.
Fashion is nothing without people.
Feelmax. Love your feet.
For all the places you’ll go.
For the art of giving.
Form follows you.
Fox River. Clever engineering you can feel.
Gas, it’s true.
Gas. keep it simple.
Global warming ready.
GoldToe. Enlighten your feet.
H2O Velocity. Fit to win.
Helping Australia get back on its feet.
HIS Denim. Made for pleasure.
I am what I am.
Impossible is nothing.
Innovation at work.
Isn’t it time you got an Oscar?
It’s hard to be nice if you don’t feel comfortable.
Jantzen. Keep our beaches beautiful.
Jantzen. The national swimming suit.
Just do it.
KingGee. Workwear you can trust.
Levis. Original jeans. Original people.
Lifts and separates.
Liz. As delicate as a caress.
Mudd. Better when it’s on you.
Mustang Jeans never die. They just fade away.
Our models can beat up their models.
Our name is Mudd.
Paula Lishman. Timeless, elegant, sustainable.
Playtex. Real solutions for today’s women.
Quality never goes out of style.
Shoes designed to move you.
Smart clothing. Everyday living.
Speedo. Born in the water.
Speedo. Make waves.
The crown jewelers for 150 years.
The expression of pearls.
The fabric of our lives.
The luxury of dirt.
The most innovative company in the outdoors.
The one and only Wonderbra.
The ultimate clothing to see the world in.
They fall up not down.
True style never dies.
Where art and science collide.
Who’s that behind those foster grants?
Your not-so-secret weapon.

The following infographic outlines the changing fashion industry and brands creating new avenues for consumers to customize their own clothing. Offering customized options lower the overall inventory and overhead of the business.