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62 Outstanding Sales Tips from the Experts

Sales form the foundation of any company. At the end of the day, if a product doesn’t sell or if the salespeople do not succeed in what they do, no amount of research, compliance and state of the art modus operandi can save the company. Despite its significance, sales is one of the least understood areas in business.

A guide to converting leads through a sales strategy built around timeliness and persistence to increase your lead conversion rate.

Strategies for Converting Prospects

There is no one way to sell. No sales trainer, ad guru or marketing expert can say that his or her way to sales is the only way or the best way. There can always be a hundred different ways to sell the same product to the same person and there can always be a better way than the best one among that hundred. In the associated slideshow, you would come across 62 sales tips and sales quotes. These quotes and tips are like mantras from people who have lived through the trials and tribulations of having to do one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

The Sales Process vs. Lead Generation

Unfortunately, salespeople today focus more on the sales process than what is being sold and who is it being sold to. How the sales process is conducted is less important than how the product is presented and to whom. This is where lead generation plays a key role. Without adequate measures and a very well thought out lead generation system, the sales process would fail to even start.

The eventual objective of any salesperson should be to add value to the customer’s life. It is value that drives sales and not the tangible nature of a product or its price. People buy fancy products because of the perception of value that has been created in their minds by the manufacturers or marketers of those fancy products. People buy consumer goods and utilitarian products because they make life simpler and easy. As long as a product can be presented in a manner that it adds value to one’s life, sales would never be an insurmountable challenge.

There are numerous quotes and tips in the slideshow that can change your perception, understanding and execution of sales. Something as simple as “Lead TO what makes you unique, not WITH what makes you unique” can not only change your understanding of sales but your life as a sales coach, trainer, salesperson or business owner and that can do a world of good for your customers as well.

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