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14 Crawfish Boil Invitation Wording Samples

Crawfish gatherings s typically occur in the backyard in Cajun populated areas. A typical serving per person is 3 to 5 pounds, with an average cost of $5 per pound. During the gatherings, a boil master is designated. The peak season for crawfish is in March and April, lasting through June. A selection of the best crawfish boil invitation wording to use for your party are provided below. These have been used by others and served as the foundation to many amazing and successful gatherings.

Before they tie the knot, join us for a lobster pot.

Come hungry we are cookin’ up some strange looking sea creatures.

Come join us for cocktails, dancing, nad a low country boil as we celebrate the engagement of (name) and (name).

Extra! Extra! The crawfish are fresh, plump, and ready to be peeled.

Heads or tails, meet us down by the lake. Their wedding is drawing near so we want to celebrate.

Join us as we eat the very best ’cause it’s our annual Lobster Fest.

Pinching tails and drinking bear, their wedding day is drawing near. Meet us down by the lake, because we want to celebrate.

Please join us for good food and good times as we celebrate summer with our annual Lobster Fest.

Some like ’em hot. Come dig in at a crawfish peel with all the trimmin’s.

The food will be plentiful, and the beer wil flow. We let our hair down a party cause the crawfish won’t know.

The weather is fine, the ber and seafood is flowing. Please join us for an autumn boil, everyone’s going.

We are having a boil for this special occasion and hope you can join us for our celebration.

We are throwing some crawfish in the post, then adding some seasoning to make it hot.

You’re invited to come by and join the crew for fun, crawfish, and brew.

The infographic below takes you through the proper steps of eating a crawfish. From twisting and pulling the tale from the head and moving the first several rings, the meat can be removed than consumed with your best sauce and beverage.

How to Eat a Crawfish

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