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6 Secret Success Stories of Billionaires

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Three Keys Takeaways from the Billionaires Above

1) Seek Critical Feedback
In my experience, I have found that mastermind groups are the best place to get initial critical feedback from. My mastermind groups are made up of business owners that have many years of experience. Their feedback has been vital to the direction I have taken my business ideas. Once the business is running, always make it easy for your customers to submit feedback to you. Every piece of customer feedback is an opportunity to improve and mold your business.

2) Negotiate the Best Deal Possible
Whether it is your partnership agreement or a client contract, you want to get the best deal possible. Always ask for your ideal number first.

3) Build a Strong Network
The best way to build a strong network is to join committees within organizations. Committees are usually made of 6-10 people that meet at least once a month. The people on committees are the go-getters of the world, and the time you spend with them will be of an intimate nature.

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