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6 People with Superhuman Brains


Your brain weighs less than 3 pounds and much of that weight is simply water, but the amount of brain power you hold is quite stunning. The brain is composed of about 100 billion neurons and 1 quadrillion synapses. It is also estimated that the brain has more than 100 Petaflops that consume more than 20 watts. However, the big question is what can the brain be used for?

You can gain a better understanding of brain capabilities by looking at some unique individuals who use their brain power in diverse ways:

Memory and Brain Power

You might think that you have a pretty great memory, but that is nothing compared to the memory of Chao Lu. Lu recently memorized and recited more than 67,890 digits of pi. Most of us can get to 3.14 and then call it a day, but Lu had the brain power to get through almost 68,000 pi digits without any mistakes. Ramon Campayo is another individual that pushed his memory to great lengths. Compayo has the ability to memorize 17 numbers in just half a second. They say that practice makes perfect, but some individuals have the brain power to memorize with ease.

Unique Abilities Caused By Traumatic Incidents

Sometimes the brain acts in mysterious ways and this is clearly seen by the response that it has to traumatic injury. Daniel Tammet dealt with epileptic seizures that are assumed to have created his unique condition. Tammet visualizes shapes as colors and has the ability to complete calculations without even trying. He has translated this unique brain power into becoming a best-selling author and learning over 10 languages.

Born With Unique Ability

Instead of undergoing some traumatic event, some people are born with unique brain power. Derek Paravinci was born with autism and is legally blind, but he has the ability to play any song that he hears on piano perfectly. His brain power is limited in the manner that he can’t discern left from right and can’t even count to ten. However, this handicap has not hindered his musical ability to hear notes and play them instantly.

Do We All Have Unique Brain Power?

Research suggests that we all have unique brain power we are not using. Research suggests that shutting off part of the brain can result in increased ability to the other side.

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