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13 Interesting Facts About McDonalds


McDonalds might be the most popular fast food restaurant in the entire world, but there are many things about this restaurant chain that are kept under wraps. Taking a closer look at McDonalds will enlighten you and truly blow your mind.

Here are some little known facts about McDonalds that will change everything you knew:

Just a Few Thousand Locations

Did you know that McDonalds has 34,000 locations worldwide? Not only is this the largest number of locations for any chain restaurant, but the next closest restaurant comes in at 12,700 locations. Burger King comes in second, but Arby’s Wendy’s and Taco Bell also lag behind. In just 2012, McDonalds expanded by adding over 1,000 locations. This addition in locations is the same amount of total locations that Chipotle currently has.

The Fry You Crave

Almost everyone has tried a McDonalds French fry, but do you realize how many French fries are sold in just one year? McDonalds regularly wins French fry taste tests for good reason. In just one year, this restaurant chain sells about 13 billion servings of fries. You can break this down into even more mind blowing numbers if you consider that this equates to about 100 servings of fries for every person born in a year. Would you like fries with that?

How Many Employees?

McDonalds is one of the largest employers around the world. The employees range in age and education, but about 1.8 million people work at McDonalds. This means that there are more people currently working at McDonalds than there are people living in Philadelphia. McDonalds may not be seen as a glamorous place of employment, but it provides income for many employees all over the world. So many people have worked at McDonalds that estimates show about 1 in 8 workers have been employed by this establishment.

How Many Eat Daily?

When you think about the amount of people that eat at McDonalds each day, you will quickly get a headache. More than 63 million people go to McDonalds every day, which means that the amount of McDonald’s customer traffic is larger than the population of Great Britain. If you are in the mood for a burger, just think about the 75 burgers sold at McDonalds every second.

The next time you have a craving for fast food, consider just how large McDonalds has become.

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