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15 Famous Subliminal Messages in Logos


Logos are normally thought of as a symbol of a brand. This means that people looking for products and services should be able to quickly remember and identify with a brand based on the logo alone. However, did you know that many of the most recognized brands are hiding messages within their logo? A veil of secrecy lies underneath most logos and isn’t caught by your eye the first time. What are these hidden messages and what are brands looking to achieve by creating designs that are a bit more complex than the naked eye can reveal?


Amazon is one of the most known online shopping markets and has a very recognizable logo to match. However, the arrow under the A and Z is not only designed to show that Amazon sells anything you can imagine, but it is also designed to resemble a smile. This smile eludes to the level of customer satisfaction that Amazon strives to provide. This means that there is more than meets the eye associated with the Amazon logo.

Coca Cola

When you focus a trained eye on the Coca Cola logo, you will quickly notice some messages hidden beneath the surface. The logo has been around for years and years, but it was just revealed that there is a secret symbol hidden. If you look closely it is possible to see a Denmark symbol within the logo. Who knew Coca Cola has such an affection for Denmark?


LG provides many innovative and cutting edge products to consumers. The logo looks pretty straightforward at first glance. You can see the L and G strategically placed to mimic the image of a human face. This face is designed to describe the products LG looks to offer consumers. However, you might not realize that the LG symbol is also a tribute to Pac Man. The designer of the logo wanted to pay homage to the beloved game.

Milwaukee Brewers

Some logos are so hard to decipher, because they depict more than one symbol. The logo for the Milwaukee Brewers MLB team looks just like a typical glove and ball, but a closer look will show another image. You can actually see the M and B letters if you look at the glove and ball from a different perspective.

Logos are designed to connect brands and consumers, but sometimes there are hidden messages buried beneath the logo.

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