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25 Weirdest Laws in the United States


You might think that you are basically free and only under the possibility of arrest for doing something illegal or harmful. While this is basically true, you might not be aware of all the laws that you could be potentially breaking. There are many laws that are punishable with jail time that will have you scratching your head.

Here are just some of the craziest and zaniest laws that make you wonder what caused the law in the first place:

Peanut Penalty

Who knew that selling peanuts could be so unlawful? Some laws are humorous due to the specificity of the law in place. For example, in Alabama it is against the law to sell peanuts on Wednesday in Lee County after sunset. This means that the next time you take a trip to Lee County, Alabama do not look to sell peanuts unless it is on a wild weekend.

Too Many Women

It seems that University City, Missouri has seen one to many fights involving women roommates. In this county it is an unlawful act for more than 3 women to rent and live together. Apparently it is possible to have too many women under one roof.

A Nose Ring Makes It Right

Here is one law that will give you a real chuckle. In Detroit, Michigan there is a law in place against pet pigs running wild through the streets. However, there is a loophole in place that allows pigs with nose rings to run through the streets without breaking the law. It seems wild pigs must look the part before they can be sent into Detroit streets.

Don’t Pack a Lunch

Apparently Las Cruces, New Mexico is trying to increase public dining by putting a law into place that discourages the use of a lunchbox. It is illegal to carry a lunchbox in Las Cruces if you are venturing down Main Street. This means that you can’t pack your lunch for work. What will you do now?

Don’t Look Now

Some laws are just plain stupid and none are more so than the moose law in Alaska. Apparently it is against the law to even look out your window at a moose from an airplane. You need to keep your eyes peeled straight ahead and avoid direct eye contact with a moose on your next Alaskan flight if you want to avoid jail time.

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