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10 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Serious


Relationships are often hard to fully understand when you are in the middle of them. You might not know where you stand with your partner and it might be difficult to tell if you are both on the same page. How do you really know when a relationship is serious? What actions or words cross the line from casual to seriously attached? Now you will be able to spot the signs and know exactly when your relationship is becoming serious.

They might be small actions or words, but these signs speak volumes:

Meeting the Parents

You do not take just anyone home to meet mom or dad. At least this is how about 60% of people deal with introducing their significant other to their folks. More than 60% of people assume that meeting the parents is a big step and signifies a serious relationship. This means you should be careful when going home for the weekend is casually mentioned.

Do They Have a Key?

It might just be a gesture to add convenience, but giving your partner a key means that things are heating up. 50% of people assume that exchanging keys means that the relationship is progressing to a new level. If you want to keep things casual, you should keep your girlfriend or boyfriend locked out.

The Next Level

Once you tell each other “I Love You,” it is safe to say that you have crossed the line. Most people only exchange this phrase in a small percentage of their relationships. This means that saying these words holds significance to most and it is a huge sign that the relationship is now serious and moving forward. Other next level signs include staying the night and seeing each other at least every other night. Constant contact is a sign that you always want to be together, which means the relationship is now next level serious.

Serious Relationship Facts To Know

On average, is takes most relationships about 5 months to cross the line from casual to serious. The main thing to look for are actions, because they are more meaningful than words. Trying to decipher if a relationship has become serious can be difficult, because the signs are so gradual. However, if you have gone on vacation together, it is safe to say you are now a serious and official couple.

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